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Single Page for a Revolutionary Health Company

Healing Gourmet avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Voici comment Healing Gourmet a commencé son expérience web page design


Healing Gourmet has produced an e-book series called Your Plate, Your Fate – the definitive guide to optimal nutrition, disease prevention and effortless weight loss using the power of healthy foods.

We are looking for a single scrolling page to feature the sales letter for this product. The project is to create several coordinated design elements to differentiate sections of the copy and provide visual interest to keep the reader’s attention.

Header Image
Parchment Background
E-Book Feature Box
Testimonial Feature Box
Quotes Feature
Buy Now Button

We intend to provide detailed feedback to those who enter. And we will have a number of additional projects in the near term.

Nom de la marque

Healing Gourmet Presents - Your Plate, Your Fate

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?


The main background of the page should be a shade of green that appears natural. The background could be a uniform color, a gradient, or even a tasteful texture or pattern. No busy design elements on the background.

- The background for the body copy of the sales letter should be the exact size of the background on this page – The background should have a drop shadow to give it some dimension over the green page background- The background for the body copy should look like antique parchment. The edge should appear naturally “weathered” similar to this -- Another example of the “weathered edge” parchment we like. See “Featured Chef” in the center of the page – The “weathered edge” should fade into a uniform light tan color over which the body copy will be displayed. Readability is extremely important. There should be strong contrast between the font and the background.
- Please Note: a slightly uneven edge is fine... perhaps even preferred, but we do NOT want the edge to look jagged and ripped.HEADER DESIGN

We want a visually arresting header for this page. The design should be simple and clean. We are open to any ideas you have for this vital design element.

IMPORTANT: The header should be distinguished from the body. They should NOT blend together. This sales letter will have a headline. If the header and the body flow together then it will look like the copy in the header is part of the headline. We do not want this.

We imagine the colors to be green, tan, earth tones and other natural shades.

The header can be designed with one picture, a collage of pictures, or no pictures at all. You may view and download some photos we like here:

If you use photos or a photo in the header the primary image should be the one labeled Ginger Citrus Cod

Here is a simple header we put together (Note: we are not designers... we hope your effort looks even better)…eader2.jpg

All of the ideas above are optional. Be imaginative. The primary objective is a header that is visually appealing, but does distract the reader from the copy with too many busy design elements.


Healing Gourmet Presents

Your Plate, Your Fate

A Revolutionary Recipe for Life-Long Health and Effortless Weight Loss

Images and PSD files of the Healing Gourmet logo can be found in the zipped photo folder above. PLEASE NOTE: The subtitle “Your Recipe for Health” (which is in the existing logo) should NOT be in your design.


Each e-book in the series will be featured within its own separate “feature box”. The edge of the feature box should have a raised dimension on the page. Perhaps something similar to the feature boxes on this page (scroll down) –

The top left corner of the box should have a “File Tab” or some other element where the title of each e-book can be displayed. Example of the “File Tab” here –

The titles of the e-books are:
- Organics: Beyond Green
- Your Guide to Antioxidant Superfoods
- Your Guide to Living a Low-Glycemic Lifestyle
- Fats that Heal, Fats that Harm
- Your Body’s Ecosystem
- Smart Cooks Age BetterYou may view the covers of the e-books here:


Please design a simple element in which testimonials can be displayed. Each testimonial will include a brief headline, a photo and the testimonial copy.


Throughout the sales letter we feature quotes from doctors and leading experts. We want these to stand out from the body copy. This can be as simple as a box around the quote similar to the quote on this page –

Or perhaps a “tear sheet” where the background for the quote looks like it was torn from a paper. We’re not sure if this would clash with the “parchment” look, so use your discretion. In any case, it must appear coordinated with the rest of the page.


Create an “Order Now” button that draws attention and matches the color scheme and design of the page.


- The design should be clean and not busy
- The idea is to complement the copy, not distract from it
- We like dimension (drop shadows / raised edges)
- The overall look should evoke an image of organic and natural
- The primary color scheme should be green and tan
- Use other shades at your discretion (we also like blues, browns, and autumn hues) as long as the color scheme appears natural

Ne veut pas

- Cartoonish fonts or images
- Busy design to distract from the copy

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