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Simple Web page for broadband ISP

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We want a landing page that will define our brand. The landing page (home page) will contain background and other images that will be re-used in a site template.

The landing page will also contain a sizeable image that will be updated regularly with an evolving theme and the latest specials or marketing information.

Nom de la marque

Jubilant Broadband

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

We are launching a new broadband ISP. The theme for this ISP is affordability, performance and low cost in these difficult times. In other words - good news and a reason to 'Be Jubilant'

We want a PSD that we can take to to have a template created.

We are offering a very simple product and this should be reflected in the web page.

I want a 60's theme that is clean and uncluttered. We don't have multiple products and we want what we have (which is a great product) to stand out.

My aim is to get things 95% right - I expect to be coming back to 99 Designs on a regular basis to update and 'increment'' the site.
Hopefully, that will just be updates of the images (no change to image size) which means it's important to get the look-and-feel and background done right here so that we don't have to modify the site template or CSS too often.

UPDATE 24th April: For the main image, I would like a party cake with 10 candles and the text "10 Years Young" and in small text, "parent company pty ltd celebrates 10 years as a wholesaler of ISP services by being Jubilant!"

This is our brand launch but we want our customers to know we are experienced.


- A Jubilant feeling. I like a 60's or early 70's look
- This is the look I want: note the 'jubilant' party feel
- Please see out logo
- It is possible that the logo may need to be modified to be perfect with the site in which case I can increase the prize appropriately. I really want that 60's or early 70's look
- Simplicity. Main image that will be replaced regularly. The main image will be the highlight and will advertise our latest deal.
- for the layout of the landing page, look at I don't want to copy this site - I just want a central image, centred page, 3 boxes underneath plus the number checker
- I also want a deep footer in grey
- The page should make use of red, black and gold and should be bright and reasonably in-your-face
- is a bright in-your-face example
- I'd also like the boxed data from the 3 boxes in text at the top of the page. That will be good for SEO
- Big fonts. Think Web2.0 look.
- Colours should be optimised for web 
- The central image, which we will replace regularly with the latest themes and specials, should be a party theme. It should read 'Be Jubilant Today' and in smaller text 'Phone and Broadband: simple - affordable - fast'Please handover 2PSDs
- a landing page made up of the background with the central image, 3 boxes and number checker box, header and footer
- a template made up of just the background, header and footer

Ne veut pas

- Clutter and complexity
- Unidentifiable theme - the theme should resonate with a broad demographic and I think young people get the 60's look as well as oldies
- CDR, AI or anything else. We want PSDs

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