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Serial Entrepreneurs: Need Redesign of Car ServiceTravel Company

TSOD LLC avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Voici comment TSOD LLC a commencé son expérience web page design

Nom de la marque

Transportation China


Transportation China is a small company established to cater to American Business (and personal) travelers to China. We setup car services to business arrivals so they can avoid the hassle of dealing with language barriers and complicated local bookings upon their arrival. We can also supply personal interpreters upon request.

The company is currently profitable and looking to grow the current China segment and in the future expand to different geographical locations.

We prefer to work as hands-on as possible with designers. We are only opting for one home page design, but will in all likelihood come back for more design pages over the month. Anyone that provides high quality, reliable, and affordable services, we try to create a long-term relationship with.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The site targets business travelers that are either from a small business or corporate background. For now, we're focusing on a mix and match of emphasizing reliability and cost when considering our audience.

Much of the audience will be concerned on reliability as their company will cover expenses; therefore, focusing on "hassle-free" is key.


We're very open to colors, styling, etc. The entire layout is more a matter of efficiency and emphasizing the points we want to get across. In order to most efficiently design your layout it is a good idea to put yourself in the shoes of our customer's concerns, needs, and desires.

The over all look and feel can be towards the professional cutting edge style, just as long as it fits the "corporate, small business" feel.

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Description de la page

There are several key characteristics that we want on the page, it is up to you to most efficiently place them.

*Logo/header/navbar - For now Navbar should match current site closely regarding the titles; however, look, feel, style, and organization can be changed completely.

*We'd like some form of background image that is at least fairly large, or that takes up much of the page; think something, such as: or

*Central form focus (we're looking for the look and feel for the form to match everything else), once again see:;; or Ensure that the form mentions it is quick and free.

* Put reassurance boxes to customers in visible areas; ie "100% secure" "US Based" "Book online" "call toll-free...."

* Link: Covering all of China blurb/text/marketing/ad that sends users to another page.

* A clever testimonial integration that mentions a testimonial or two and which can also link to a testimonial page that has a lot more.

* A basic 3 step "How It Works" graphic, starting with 1. 2. 3.

* A blurb area that goes into "about Transportation China"

* A small box/blurb/text/graphic that links to resources page, which features information about China.

* A box/blurb/text that asks if the user wants to learn more about why they should get a interpreter

Site Web existant

There are 22 additional niche copy sites that are called "Transportation Shenzen" "Transportation Cheng Du" etc; therefore, it is essential that the basic page layout be able to niche into these additional sites.

Do NOT use the current website as a guide to styling, layout, functionality, etc. The graphic logo can also be altered as needed based on your design.

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