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Red Leaf Lending - business website

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Nom de la marque

Red Leaf Lending


We have been in the online lending industry for nearly a decade. We are launching a new company and desire a new look for our brand.

Our mission for Red Leaf Lending is to manage an online service where clients can obtain a short-term loan with the highest confidentiality and ease of convenience.

We respect the individual and strive to empathize with our customers' needs and maintain a consumer-friendly website that is easy to understand.

Our goal is to offer the safest, fastest, and most discreet online short-term loans across the internet.We want to be the first choice in American online short-term loans through dedication, hard work, integrity, and customer loyalty.

Our website should reflect these values.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our target market are people who are in need of a small cash loan quickly. Usually for emergency reasons. They are looking for a trustworthy online company. They may have used this product before - we want them to choose us whenever they need a short-term loan.

Our average customer demographics are below:


* Majority earn between $25,000 and $50,000


* 94 percent have a high school diploma or better
* 56 percent have some college or degree

Young Families

* 68 percent are under 45 years old (only 3. 5 percent are 65 or older)
* Majority of customers are married
* 64 percent have children in household

Stable Working Class

* 42 percent own homes
* 57 percent have major credit cards
* 100 percent have steady incomes
* 100 percent have checking accounts


The business/strategic objectives we are looking to achieve through our website: A strong brand, trustworthy, excellent service, professional, easy to use.

The look and feel of our homepage: Clean, Uncluttered, Quality, Professional, Classy, and Established.

Additional information:
Please do not use green color
Try to stick to colors in the logo, but it's okay to add a coordinating accent color of your choice.
Using images of people/families is a nice touch.
No flash areas.
Simple to navigate

Please feel free to be Creative - we are not looking for a carbon copy of a site (based on the examples).

Feel free to use any of the icons included or to add your own icons that match the look of the site.

Lead form (or partial lead capture) can be on the main page.

I will provide a list (and examples) of all the pages that we use. Please choose the home page and 2 other interior pages to design.

We require fully layered .psds that are organized properly. We will be adding many pages to the site based on these .psds.

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

Create an index page and 2 interior page options (your choice of pages)

1. index
2. apply
3. questions (faq)
4. about (who are we/why choose red leaf?)
5. contact us
6. same day cash

Links needed on page:

Returning Customers (this could also be a login button or login field)
About (optional in navigation - could be linked elsewhere)
Same-Day (optional in navigation - could be linked elsewhere)
Blog (linked to external website - can be in main navigation or elsewhere)
Lesser links (maybe included in footer):
Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions

Features we would like to see:
Social Media icons: Twitter, Facebook, Blog
Images of people/family (we can provide stock photos, if needed)
Live Chat Icon on main page (and/or every page)

Optional Features:
Application Lead Form on main page: first name, last name, email address
Twitter Feed (on main page or interior page)
Space for Google AdSense Links (on interior page)
Space for Testimonials
Phone number on main page

**Please see existing website links for examples of FAQs, Application.

Site Web existant

No existing website. Existing logo attached.

These are links to similar websites to give ideas of content only - not look and feel.

Exemples de sites web - this is a little too busy and blog like, but the colors are nice and it feels professional. - this is cute, but still appears trustworthy. has an air of playfulness while still taking the job seriously.

What we DONT want:
cheesy images of people holding cash
lots of dollar signs

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