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Real Valuable an iPad product company

Shayne Sweeney avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Voici comment Shayne Sweeney a commencé son expérience web page design

Nom de la marque

Real Valuable, Inc.


At Real Valuable we’re creating a tablet commerce platform with our first product “Coffee Table” coming to the iPad early 2011.

We are focused on creating a product with polished design and brilliant UX.

This site is to serve as an initial brand presence for Real Valuable. Ideally we’re looking for something, clean and simple which mimics the look and feel of Apple's world-class designs.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our audience will vary from application end user to content partner. It’s important that the Real Valuable site evokes quality and professionalism with emphasis on design.


I’ll keep it short as I believe our requirements are covered by what is above and below.

We’re looking for a single page site that describes in a paragraph who we are, based on the description above. Inquiries directed to an email address.

We are expecting to use HTML5 for the coding, so designing with that in mind would be great. This includes custom fonts, text shadows/highlights, alpha transparency, off axis orientation, interaction/state design, etc...

Incorporating the iPad shape or design itself into the site, while not required might lend itself well to conveying who we are.

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

To clarify, this site is for Real Valuable, as such the primary focus should be the name Real Valuable and not Coffee Table.

Coffee Table can be included as a future "coming soon" product.

The home or landing page is all that we’re wanting. Seeing how we’re UI/UX focused in our product having a well polished site that really stands out is important in the decision making process.

The page need only consist of a description of the company, of our first product graphics and text to support the brand and a link for inquries.

We encourage designers to add to the idea and produce something compelling.

Site Web existant


We don't have a logo and we're not to worried about it at this point.

Exemples de sites web - We really like the originality of this design. The custom fonts and organic/real-world elements really make it pop. They took the idea of sitting down and eating sushi, recreated the word digitally and incorporated their products. - Another site by the folks at taptaptap, this being more of a product site, but represents a site that takes a basic one-column layout but breaks out of the box by incorporating leather like textures and real-world analogies. - This site is simple and elegant. The message and brand our very strong and initial impressions promote quality design and experience. - A very Apple-esque design. One pixel highlights and shadows really make it “pop”. Simple textures make it feel tangible and less like a normal website. - Very much the look and feel of buttons and text we're going after. Full of textures and has the Apple look and feel.

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