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Raspberry Fox Needs a Website

Jen avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Voici comment Jen a commencé son expérience web page design


Raspberry Fox Inc. is a start-up marketing and business strategy consultancy. I'm looking for a website that infuses web 2.0 functionality, professionalism and fun. Hopefully that's do-able.

- This contest is for a non-coded website design
- Winner will get first right of refusal to roll out the site and do the coding to get the site up and running. This will be a separate, better paid contract. Price is still TBD.
- I work with a variety of clients, many who need website design, development and social media help. The winner will benefit from direct referrals from me to my clients - as appropriate.
- I used to work for an agency so I understand the effort that goes into this. Your effort will not go unappreciated.

Looking forward to working with you!

Nom de la marque

Raspberry Fox Inc.

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Raspberry Fox Inc Website

(Landing page:

Site Purpose:
• To create a dialogue and educate companies about marketing and branding how to leverage and align both traditional and non-traditional forms of marketing/ advertising/ promotion
• To connect people and ideas
• To create sales leads
• To demonstrate credibility
• To provide corporate information to potential clients

A. Interesting, memorable, simple design leveraging the existing Raspberry Fox Inc. identity (reds, myriad roman)
   i. Red will be the primary colour on the site (although I'm open to use of other colours), with text on a white background. Colour should be used sparingly so as not to overwhelm visitors and the use shades are acceptable to create subtle differences in appearance.
   ii. Myriad Roman is the preferred font
   iii. Repeated elements through out this site will include the colour red, the navigation schemes, and the links along the top (or side) of each page, the footer element, and the mouse-over behaviours of the buttons.
B. Easy to navigate and read
C. Easy to update (for me who is a non-web-geek)
D. Raspberry Fox Personality traits: Clean,Warm, Inviting, Fun,
Professional but not stuffy, Happy, Modern, Outgoing, Easygoing

Why Raspberry Fox?

• We were looking for a name that was fun and memorable and not the usual boring “Marketing Insights” or “Solutions are Us”
• Raspberry = simple at first glance, but complex and beautiful when engaged (examined, savoured)
• Fox = nimble, smart, not afraid, foxes are found globally
• Emphasis is on the Raspberry, not on Fox.

Personal Philosophy:
• Emotions drive our actions. Thoughts rationalize our actions.
• Always keep one eye on strategy
• Be honest, open and inquisitive.
• Build trusting relationships and approach with pure sincerity
• Life is too short not to find a bit of enjoyment in each moment
• Encourage ideas, encourage participation, encourage thoughtful performance
• Get inspired by other great ideas. Share those ideas with others. Creates a circle of inspiration.
• KISS – keep it simple silly! Try to avoid no jargon
• Resonate: make it meaningful, make it memorable, make it matter
• Sharp – without the sharp edges. (Bright/ Intelligent but not curt or with superiority)

Target Audience:
- Small/ Medium Business Owners (potential clients)

-  Government (potential clients)
- Non-profit organizations(potential clients)
- Marketing enthusiasts and observers

Website Architecture:
A. Home
B. Services

   i. Listening (Consulting Services)
   ii. Sharing (Education and training services)

   iii. Motivating (Coaching services)

   iv. Connecting (connecting clients, and ideas)
C. Tune In (blog/ research/ e-book/ videos)
   i. Blog  

   ii. e-books 
   iii. Archives - Monthly
D. Philosophy (About us)
   i. Company overview

   ii. Opportunities (Jobs/ Collaboration/ Partnerships)
E. Contact us

Usability & Accessibility & Visibility:
A. No/ minimal Flash
B. Search Engine Optimized
C. GOOD onsite search function that produces results
D. Bookmarking/ Share links
E. Print this page functionality
F. RSS/ XML feed subscription
G. Contact form to capture reader’s contact information, e.g. for access to downloadable white papers


Please read the brief carefully.

Instead of all three pages... lets Initially let's look at only the home page.  If I feel like we're on the right track, I'll ask to see a second page. I think this will make things easier. :)

Ne veut pas

I don't want:

- frames

- busy design

- literal use of raspberry or fox

- the design to look like big consulting companies

Pack personnalisé

300 $US

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