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Quick Project! Simple (1 page) Landing Page Design

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Our Vision is YOUR Financial Security.

FFS offers people from all walks of life, the ability to be in business for yourself but not by yourself. By combining the world’s largest and most stable industries with the most efficient and profitable distribution systems in existence today, FFS is uniquely positioned to offer you a powerful partnership that gives you the keys to unlock your financial destiny.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to lead the 21st century financial revolution.
Visit with your local FFS business owner to see the evolution of financial products and position yourself for 21st century financial success.

Our Unique Vision
Our vision is to create stable wealth for families by helping you manage your current finances, paying off your debt, saving money and protecting your family’s future, or building a successful business for yourself.

No matter what your specific situation is, FFS has the strategic tools, expertise, and resources to help you unlock your financial security.

Our System:
At the heart of FFS beats the Business Building System. Every successful business since the beginning of time has had an intelligent system at its core.

The FFS Business Building System was developed over thirty years ago and has continually evolved to become the most efficient, predictable, and profitable distribution system in the financial world today.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

1) This page is for FFS insurance agents working in the United States.

2) The web page will be the FFS agents 'virtual business card'

3) The agent will use the web page to attract potential recruits.

4) The agent will use the web page for existing clients to get in contact with them and receive financial and other informational updates.

5) Our agents are from all walks of life and all demographics (18 -80+)

6) The agents clients & prospective recruits are from all demographics and walks of life. (18 -80+)


We are really looking for an eye-catching page that will represent both the FFS agent and the company well.

This will be the first impression for potential recruits and for on-going customers so it needs to feel friendly and not too corporate.

The Main Content area will be pulled from the box 99 designs has as "Tell Us About Yourself". This is a great area to express yourself as a designer. We can use the logo from The Real Secrets of Money in this area. (attached)

It needs to have the same colors as the company website.

Use the words Mission - Vision - System in a creative way at the top of the page.

All other pages will link to this page and only Main Content will change.

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

1) The Agent Business Builder Web Page will be the FFS agent's main Home Page that will link to: (wireframe attached)

- The Opportunity
- About Me
- About FFS
- FFS News
- FFS Events

2) The left window panel will include:

- Agent Photo
- Agent Contact Info

3) The top window panel will include:

- The corporate logo (attached)
- The tagline:
(be creative here in the look and the use of the words, Mission, Vision, System)
- A 'Join' button.

4) The Main Contact box will be the only portion of the web page that changes content. Top panel, side panel and footer will reoccur in all pages.

(be creative in the 'Main Content' box. Use the information from 'Tell Us About Yourself' in the above questionnaire box above. You can add some generic photos of family or whatever you can design)

5) We would like to include "The Real Secrets of Money" logo somewhere on the Main Content area. (attached)

Per attached Business Builder Home Page Wireframe & FFS Business Builder Architecture(2)

Tagline is:

Site Web existant

This is our general company website. We need to keep to the general color schemes from this page. We are not generally happy with this page so don't use it as an example, only the colors.

Exemples de sites web
I like the personal feel. We need to keep our design work within the wireframe we have attached. (Business Builder Home Page Wireframe)

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