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Provino Premium Wines Website Design

VinoPro avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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We need a front page design along with a template for deeper pages. The logo design was completed a few weeks ago (congrats Chere!). Please click the "Read Complete Brief" below for all the specifics of this contest including links to logo artwork and a full description of what we're looking for.

Nom de la marque

Provino Inc.

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Desired Color Scheme:
dark or light

Accepted File Formats:
Standard Web Formats (.jpg, .gif or .png); Layered Formats (.psd or .tiff)

Please read these guidelines completely. Entries that do not conform to these basic guidelines will not be considered - I don't want to waste your time!!

ProVino Wines will be launching a new company in April and we need to establish our corporate Website. A little background info about our company:

… Value Proposition
ProVino provides wine enthusiasts a trusted source of the finest small production wines available, equip wine producers with a streamlined direct sales force to help our suppliers increase their market penetration and consumer brand awareness.

It’s a Win, Win!
We hand sell a producer’s winery brand direct to the consumer, which allows them to cut one layer from the traditional 3-tiered system allowing them to achieve the goal of direct sales without capital investment in a call center and additional employees, thereby providing them better profit margins, improved consumer brand awareness and quicker time to market.

We provide our customers with access to a wide variety of outstanding quality, artisan produced and small production wines they might otherwise not see in their local market, thereby adding value to their overall wine experience.

WE DO NOT sell products from our website. We are a telesales company - that means we call our customers over the phone and sell them products. There is no ecommerce done on our site so I do not want a site that looks like a place you buy or search for wine. We do not publish "lists" nor do we show prices of anything.

We are best categorized as personal Sommeliers to high-profile wine buyers who have more money than time. Our customers are CEO's and Presidents of companies that have sales between 5-15 million/year (or more). They include movie stars, sports professionals and famous musicians. We sell to upscale restaurants and wine collectors and we stock multi-million dollar wine cellars. Our customers have more money than time and want a company like ours to help them buy wines from around the world.

The website is purely for these customers to understand who we are, and what we do and why they should buy from us. It's design needs to portray a VERY professional, clean and trustworthy image of our company. I'm not talking about words here, I'm talking about portraying a professional image. I'll add the appropriate content to whatever design you come up with.

I want a design that validates our existance and says you can be confident if you do business with us because we're in it for the long term.

Some of our competitors include:
Windsor vineyards
The Wine Spectrum
The Wine Spies

Websites we have seen that we like:
Nice clean design. Their shipping policies page that outlines their shipping policies will probably be lifted (slightly modified) and used on our site!

Bourassa Vineyards
Again, another clean, professional website.

Do not copy these websites!!!! I don't even want to see something that looks "similar". I just like the design elements and simplicity and professional look they both portray.

Our website should reflect the premium nature of our products and services, the fact that we are insiders in this huge market and will be the trusted source of wines for high-end buyers.

Design elements:
I'm not crazy about loopy grapevines and grapes all over the place. We had lots of those styles in our logo contest and they didn't go over well. A dark theme might play well although I'm not opposed to a light theme at all. The "P" in our logo is a very strong design element. It might be used as another theme that I've never thought of or seen before, either in a background, collage design, header, etc.

Our artwork files are here:

The now closed design contest for my logo including my feedback is here:
Provino Logo Contest

I'm not fanatical about the COLOR of the logo. I've experimented with several colors (Red, Black, Grey, Maroon, etc), all of which I like, depending on context, but red is the overriding default of all of them. The SHAPE of the logo must remain fixed however.

"Provino Inc." is the company name. the website address is

Sections should include:
About Us
Shipping Policies
News & Events
Contact Us

If you have questions, by all means contact me. I answer EVERY single question I get and I give extensive feedback on designs, especially the ones I like.

Payment: I'll pay anyone anywhere with anything. If it costs me a fee to use a service like Western Union, that will be paid out of the total of the prize. The winner of the logo contest was in Serbia and she was paid promptly w/ Western Union!

Have fun!!

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