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Nom de la marque


We connect homeowners and qualified contractors. Homeowners go to our site (, put in the work they need to do (e.g. remodel kitchen, replace roof, etc). We will match their projects to up to 4 qualified and licensed contractors servicing the area. There is no charge or obligation to the homeowners. Homeowner may also even get project insurance up to a certain amount from us to make sure they are satisfied with the contractor's work.
For contractors, we provide a bundled service. With monthly subscription, we can create and host website for their contracting companies. And then forward homeowner project leads to them with some extra cost. Contractors will also get free project listing of public work. Additional optional services to contractors include directory listings and promotional ads in our site.
We are based on California and target to service small to medium local licensed contractors.
We have a working site "" now and looking forward to upgrade the site with new look and features.

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The target audience for the website are homeowners or business owners who are looking for qualified contractors for their residential/commercial projects.
We would like to focus locally on California only for the next 12-18 months.


The working site currently has an existing logo of, we are looking forward to change that logo later.
The background of the site should be just white. It should have the feeling of simple to use, just like Yahoo or Google.
The top banner should consist of the
logo, plus photos/pictures and give visitors an immediate impresssion of remodeling or contruction.
The menu bar location and style is up to creativity. After the menu bar, then we need pictures or text boxes to point out things:
1. The purpose of this site is to get comparative quotes from qualified local professionals.
2. Easy to use and no obligation to filing a project.
3. We welcome both homeowner and business projects.
4. We focus on California business.
5. User can get project insurance of up to a certain amount when they hier a professional thru us.
The rest of the content of the page should be 1 big column, consisting of the current listings of all the contruction project types.
The footer style and format is up for creativity, this is the place to put other details such as site map, facebook link, twitter links, etc.
Other than the white background, the main color/theme of the site should be orange (like the Home Depot orange) and secondary color should be a darker green. The theme and style of the logo will also be changed to this colors later.
We have also created a logo design contest at 99designs at the same time. Designers can reference back to logo design to make the design more seemless to each other.

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

This is going to be the home page. It must have a top menu bar that has "Home", "Contact Us", "Login" etc.
There should be also a quick button link to allow Service Provider Login (contractors login to our site).
The main content is the list of contruction project types which will bring users to subsequence pages.
The bottom portions should consist of site maps and other informational links. Should also have a place to link to facebook, twitter, etc.

Site Web existant

Exemples de sites web is our competitor, but they are national. We would like to focus on the fact that we are locally based in California and will be best serving local homeowners and contractors.

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