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Jim Melka Landscaping and Garden Center needs a new website design. We're looking for a vibrant design that shows how great their design and services are. Please read design brief. It has everything you need!

Nom de la marque

Jim Melka Landscaping and Garden Center

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Company Overview

Company Name: Jim Melka Landscaping & Garden Center

Company Tagline/Slogan: Company does not have a tagline. However, the mission of Jim Melka Landscaping & Garden Center is to satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of customers by providing the highest quality products, services and information while continuing to improve an image of excellence and professionalism.

Nature of business: Jim Melka landscaping and Garden Center is a full service landscaping and garden center. They provide all of the following to their customers:
- Landscaping – Landscaping design, lighting, brick pavers, outdoor living areas, landscaping and yard maintenance.
- Garden Center – Custom planters, delivery of mulch, stone, firewood, planters, etc.
- Retail store – Nursery with trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, etc., Weber grills and accessories, garden tools and accessories, fertilizer and chemicals.
- Garden Shop – Planters, gifts, statues, Christmas trees and décor.

Company Logo:…kaLogo.jpg

Website related images:…

Website Requirements

Existing Website URL: is the current web site (though it was recently de-activated). It does a good job of showing all the services provided by Jim Melka Landscaping and Garden Center, but it isn’t very visually appealing.

Target Audience: Homeowners and Small Business Owners looking to landscape their yards with trees, shrubs, plants, as well as patios, walls and interesting lighting.

Top-level navigation links for Website: Home | Contact | Landscape | Garden Center | Upcoming Events | Photo Gallery

Preferred Color Scheme: Site should be developed using the colors of brown, tan, hunter green, orange and other earthy colors that go with these colors.

Type of look that is trying to be achieved through the design: They are looking for a high quality and professional looking site that matches the work they do.

The following 4 URLs represent similar content:
- – Looks pretty cool. Has a professional and earthy feel to the site. Has a nice library of trees where you can see thumbnails that can be clicked to display a bigger picture of the plant and some description. Does not address some of the services provided by Jim Melka landscaping.
- – Professional looking site. Does a nice job of highlighting the brick and rock portions of Jim Melka’s business. Nice pictures of patios, walls and grills.

Other Comments

Site should be designed for 1024 x 768 resolution

The winner will need to design and code 6 pages total:
- Home Page
- Plant Categories page (like a product catalog, but for plants)
- Plant Detail page (like a product detail page, but for plants)
- Contact Us page (simple HTML page)
- Join Mailing List page (form)
- Employment Opportunities page (form)

This may sound like a lot of work, but once the home page is designed, the other pages are very quick and easy to knock out. We have held a lot of contests here and are very easy to work with. Once the winner is selected, we like to get through the remaining pages and get it coded and in our hands VERY quickly.


See description

This site needs to be coded.

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See description

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