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This should be a fun opportunity to help reinvent the design of a highly-trafficked site.

Our people search site needs a new look that capitalizes on our domain without being silly, creepy or Sherlockian. Up to the challenge? There will be three winners – one first place ($700) and two runners-up ($100 each). No coding needed!

We have lots of future work in the pipeline.

Nom de la marque

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Private Eye is a people search site and can be seen in its current form here. (Use this link rather than type-in URL. It's a specific version we want to build from.)

This is a search site for public records, also known as “People Search.” Users arrive at the site on the Search Page (Page One) and run a search using a search form. From there, they go to a Search Results Page (Page Two) where they are given preliminary search results. Here they will choose the person’s name or information they believe matches up with the person or information they are looking for. Once they make that choice they click through to the Product Selection Page (Page 3), where they are given products to choose from. Once they choose the product that best serves their needs, they click through to the Registration Page (Page 4) – which is a typical registration and credit card checkout page in one.

Please take some time to run a few searches on our site, so you get a feel for how the site flows, and how a user might interact with the site.

A cohesive design for the following 4 pages is needed:

- Search Page (Page 1): Must have search form with room for description copy and an action button (such as “Continue” or “Search”, but we’re open to suggestions for other words that), and room for ads (728×90 banners ads top and bottom, and one 300×250 square somewhere above the fold).

- Search Results Page (Page 2): We have tried multiple ways of serving this information and have found what is currently active on the site to be the best so far. If you can think of a different way to organize this data table so it makes more sense to users, go for it!

- Product Selection Page (Page 3): We have tried multiple iterations here as well, and are not set on any one way of presenting this information. We have 3 major products available: a Basic Report (includes contact information such as addresses and phone numbers), a 24 Hour Search Pass (a non-recurring membership pass that allows users to see basic records for as many people searches as they want to run for 24 hours), and a Background Check (which includes detailed information about a single person). Please lay them out in a way that would make the most sense to a user.

- Registration Page (Page 4): This page must stay largely the same in so far as the parts that comprise the form remain the same. But we are open to new headers and footers to retain consistency with the new design for the first three pages.

Please feel free to concentrate first on a look and feel for the first page. We'll try to be very proactive with our feedback, and we can go from there.

All pages need:

Consistent header and footer with links that are presently in header and footer, room at top and bottom for banner ads (728×90). The width of all pages must be no less than 750 and no greater than 960. We prefer sans-serif fonts that are viewable on any computer and not specific to any certain OS.

Winning designs must include above-mentioned criteria, but otherwise the framework, navigation and tone are up for creative debate. Stock images from iStockPhoto are welcome, we just need to know the specifics for each, so we can pay the licensing fees should your design be chosen.

Winners will likely have the opportunity for long term work on this project and others. Good luck to all!


- Fresh new look.
- Brighter (but not garish) color scheme.
- Product-related pictures or graphics and theme.

Ne veut pas

- Flash
- loud colors
- anything too busy or confusing
- hard to read fonts
- cheesy stock photos

Pack personnalisé

900 $US

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