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We need a high quality "Web 2.0" professionally designed corporate site for an internet marketing company. You are welcome to release your creativity!

We are also looking for a team of site designers for a number of exciting projects in the pipeline. It all starts here!


Nom de l'entreprise

Stormim - Internet Marketing

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Short Summary:Our expertise lies in building cost effectivepay-per-click search engine advertising campaigns. We work with online merchantpartners using paid and organic search engine marketing, Websites, Blogs andEmail marketing.

We also cater for a select group of businesseslooking to increase the performance of their pay-per-click search engineadvertising & marketing campaigns.

Our target audience will be affiliate networkmanagers. Critical to our success will be our image. It’s a competitive worldout there but we thrive on volatility and competition. Our website must standout. It must be an out of the box design concept. We thus need a high qualitydesign that will appeal to our target audience.

"All contest entrants should create a home page design "BUT"
We will give "special" consideration to those who go above and beyond by providing a sub page. **NO CODING REQUIRED""

Purpose of the site:This is a pre-sales/pre-approval site. stormim’s application for approval to a particular affiliate program will be largely based on a) affiliate managers impression of our site and b) content.It’s therefore critical that you deliver on the design element. Our site needs to “practice what it preaches” - If it is lacking in any area it will jeopardise our pending application.

Design Style:We need a Web 2.0 professional looking site that willappeal to affiliate managers.

The design should reflect what we will offer them as a client.

Here is the winning contestants logo created at 99designs:

Here are some examples of sites we like:

Please don't copy design - use it as inspiration for your own original design.We're only providing this as a reference/inspiration. (In order of preference)
1.   …rystorm/2.
Colour Schemes:Soft, neutral background colour. White and grayscale fade, or similar. See Logo. Blues and/or other corporate/professional colors (nothing too loud)

Colour/Font schemes we like. See examples:
Logo on top left. Can forward Logo files at your request.
Can you create a homepage graphic/design that is in line with the theme of our logo for the front page? (Maybe the logo icon – “tornado/twister”) - Example:If you choose to use photos please use

Home Page Content:
“Affiliate Managers” a)        “above the fold”
b)        Affiliate Managers  - Will be a sub heading on front page. Must be first text to be read. Just before text message to affiliate managers.c)        Simple, creative larger font. Must subtly grab attention of affiliate manager.**Front Page Sales Text/ Tagline** (Likely, top of page in Global navigation bar)
d.             “Internet Marketing & Pay-Per-Click Internet Advertising Experts.”“Specialising in Internet marketing & pay-per-click search engine advertising campaigns”.
Home | Affiliate Marketing | Pay Per Click (PPC) | About Us  | Contact Us a)       Either far top left or right b)       Simple clean font separated by simple lines as above.
| Contact Us | Privacy | Site Map           Copyright Stormim 2008Search engine logos in footer (far right) - similiar to Again simple font.       4. EMAIL REQUEST ICON:      
  a) “above the fold”  b)   Slick but subtle web 2.0 contact us text link/button, likely after/near the affiliate          manager text.
5. CONTENT:Depending on your choice on home page design, please see an example of the text that will be used.See text at the end of this page.Please use this content in design:
a.            About Stormim b.            Affiliate Managers  c.            Affiliate Marketing d.            Pay Per Click (PPC)               ******See the above content at the end of this page*****               8. PROJECT SITEMAP:Basic Sitemap containing the following pages:

1. Home Page
2. AffiliateMarketing
3. PPC Search EngineConsulting
4. About stormim

5. Contact us
6. Privacy Policy
Please be creative and use the following site examples for inspiration:a.     
Contest Notes/Questions/Comments:All contest entrants should create both a home page design and one sub page design. We will give special consideration to those who go above and beyond by providing a design for all pages.

We will give feedback to all entries with 3-5 star ratings. Unfortunately we are not interested in entries that we rate with 2 stars or less.

If we have missed anything in this description that you feel is important or our description is restricting your creative flare please drop us an email.  We will be checking the discussion thread on a regular basis while the contest is happening.

All the best on the contest. We look forward to seeing your work!
Future Opportunities:Even if you don't win this contest we are still interested in quality designers for future projects. We will exchange contact information with 4 and 5 star entrants for the potential to work on future projects.

stormim is focused on helping grow the businesses of our affiliatemarketing partners.

Our primary expertise is in building and launchingeffective pay-per-click (PPC) search engine keyword marketing campaigns.stormim applies "super affiliate" strategies to the affiliateprograms we participate in.

For our consulting clients, stormim has built andlaunched effective PPC search engine keyword advertising campaigns, helpedre-design websites to generate increased organic search engine traffic andhigher conversion rates, deployed search engine keyword conversion trackingtools, and optimized keyword bidding prices to maximize ROI goals.

2.             Affiliate Managers  With our expertise in building cost effective searchengine keyword marketing campaigns, we have chosen to work with top tiernetworks.

Affiliate Managers - we promote our merchantpartners using paid and organic search engine marketing, Websites, and Blogs.

Although we runpay-per-click search advertising campaigns for companies all over the world,stormim’s offices are located in central London, United Kingdom.

3.             Affiliate Marketing Our primary focus is using our pay-per-click search engine advertising expertise and financial resources to promote our partners’ affiliate programs.

Partnering with stormim:We have become focused on growing and continuing to expand on existingrelationships with merchants that have a history of high conversions and fastpayments.
We are very selective when choosing to work with new advertisers and typicallylook for companies who are willing to provide design resources to developlanding pages, and are flexible on their keyword bidding policies in order tocraft a test that will quickly determine if continuing to work with stormim isright for our partners as well as help us determine if spending the time andresources to build out a large scale search engine marketing campaign is worthour time and resources.

Please contact us if youwish to discuss a particular affiliate program that we should be marketing.

4.         PayPer Click (PPC)

Search engine marketing is quite possibly the mosttargeted and effective form of advertising that will come around in ourlifetime, yet many companies do a very poor job of leveraging this massiveopportunity. A recent study from Piper Jaffray & Co highlights just howeffective search engine marketing is compared to other forms of direct responsemarketing. On a cost per lead basis search engine marketing beat direct mail byover 2100% and Yellow Pages by over 144%.  

Our clients typically find stormim after they havedabbled in search engine marketing and are looking to move to the next level.Our expertise is helping these companies do deep keyword research to increasetheir search engine keyword portfolio from 10-50 words to 10,000 – 500,000targeted keyword phrases and implementing these phrases across the variouspay-per-click search engine advertising platforms.
As a secondary service our clients often ask us for advice and help improvingtheir organic or free search engine listings (search engine optimization orSEO). We work with these clients to either give specific advice that they cantake to their web design team to improve their rankings in the search enginesand in other cases we will bring in a web design team to totally rebuild a siteto be more search engine friendly.
Please fell free to contact usif you think we may be able to help.

5.         Site Map

As we continue to grow and add more pages and related internet marketingsites, we will list them here in our site map.

List of stormim Pages:

1. Home Page
2. AffiliateMarketing
3. PPC Search EngineConsulting
4. About us

5. Contact us
6. Privacy Policy


- Centre oriented
- Clean, professional, simple and tidy.
- All content on Homepage must be above fold.
- Soft, neutral background colour. White and grayscale fade, or similar. See Logo. Blues and/or other Corporate/professional colors (nothing too loud).
- White Space. Does not have to be “White” but space is key.
- Cute icons were necessary.
- Out of the box Web 2.0 style site with rounded corners/edges.
- Subtlety Carry the theme of brand “Storm” into the site design.
- Original design concept. Test your creativity at our expense.
- Usable site with fast loading graphics.
- Resolution 1024 x 768
- To work in popular modern browsers including Safari
- Built in CSS (clean markup)
- Adobe Fireworks and Dreamweaver compatible - vector artwork.

Ne veut pas

- Clipart
- Loud colours
- Clutter

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