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1 page design (no coding) for company selling training courses

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I’m looking for a fresh, modern design to use within a training website. None of the training is online – it’s just where you book the courses. In previous design contests, it’s been designs that have been originally submitted within the first few days that have gone onto win, so submit your entry as soon as possible!

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Freelance Office Services & Virtual Assistance Training

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

This company currently provide “office assistance” and will soon be providing training from computer skills to personal development. Most sites I’ve looked at offering a similar service are very flat looking, boring and don’t look like they were designed recently. I’m looking for something that’s fairly colourful, whilst staying within the brands colour scheme(maybe using colour to identify the various course types (see further below for the 4 course types)). See “What I Want” for colour scheme details. The site must incorporate some of the web 2.0 elements – shading on background colours, some nice spacing between elements, and clean, fresh design. There’s a lot to get on the front page, but I don’t want it to look too busy. I’d really like to see lots of icons used to help people navigate around the site and to show the different sections of courses.
I’d love to give details of other sites that I like, but to be honest I’ve not come across anything even remotely near to what I like!
The site is business to business so will be aimed at other businesses who are looking at training their staff. Therefore it must immediately come across as a site for business users, and must not look like online training – this is training carried out in a proper training centre in the UK.

The domain for the site is:


The colour scheme must take some elements from their sister site (the main company) The logo will be formed up from their current logo –…valogo.jpg but will require the word “training” added around or below it. I don’t mind if you need to enlarge it for the mock if it looks bad, as there will be a better quality version for you.
The site will need the following pages in the menu:
About Us
Software Courses
Management Development Courses
Sales and Marketing Courses
Personal Development Courses
Contact Us
(you may prefer to lump the 4 courses links into one “Courses” link if it really helps the design).It will also need the following somewhere else, (maybe the footer):
Terms and conditions
Privacy Policy
Site Map
Contact Us
Company Information
There will also need to be a link for existing users to the login to the site. Please make this text based as this text will become “logged in as Tony Smith” once a user has logged in. I will also place a logout text link next to it, so it needs to have space around it to be able to show this.
The content body will need an area of text as an intro to the site (add a few paragraphs of lorum ipsum), 4 or 5 of the latest jobs courses added, and a “featured” course. I’d also like something on the front page that makes it really quick to click through to the main course types (preferably each course type having it’s own icon):
Software (eg Excel, Word)
Management Development (eg Teambuilding)
Sales & Marketing (eg Telesales)
Personal Development
The site will need somewhere (probably the top) a cart – showing how many courses and delegates are in the cart and the total cost, eg 1 course, 5 delegates - £750 along with the usual checkout link. This could be incorporated with the login box detailed above?
I’m really keen for the main body to have a white background, using background shading for boxes where needed, but with a strong solid colour top header.
Stock photos are fine to use but must not be American looking – this is a UK bases training centre. It’s a fairly small training centre so please no images of large corporate Hqs!!
The company address and phone number will need to be displayed. Please use the following information:
The Hub
Farnborough Business Park
Fowler Avenue
GU14 7JF
Tel: 01252 372824

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The site mustn't be flat and boring – I’m looking for a nice looking site that looks really modern and fresh, rather than something that looks like it was made in 1998!
There must be space for me to be able to easily expand the site and add additional menu items and the main body must be flexible as it will also be used on other pages with varying levels of content.

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