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Online RPG Needs Unique Design and Theme for its Layout!

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Rival Kingdoms


I'm a solo web developer bringing my first online role playing game to the Facebook platform! This is my first project posted on 99designs, so if my overview and brief is a bit scattered or parts of it are in the wrong category, I apologize in advance! Thank you for your interest in the project :)

The game is called “Rival Kingdoms.” Its story takes place in the late 19th century, and it is part of the steampunk genre. If you’re not familiar with the interesting steampunk genre, read about it here: and here:

The game's personality is meant to be a bit wacky and fun. It is adventurous, playful, and lighthearted.. It is not meant to be too serious or 'hardcore'. This is because Facebook users are a more casual type of gamer. So while I want the design to reflect the steampunk genre and do it justice, I would also like it to be inviting to new gamers and welcome a mainstream audience as well. I don't want the theme or design to look too 'intense'. It doesn't have to be too cutesy, but keep it sort of fun and friendly!

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

-- Males between the age of 14 and 28
-- Facebook users that are regular gamers, or casual gamers
-- Regular Browser/Text-based RPG gamers

- Steampunk genre fans and gamers <--- main theme
- Adventure/Fantasy genre fans
- Online RPG gamers (browser-based)
- World of Warcraft, Pokemon, MMORPG fans (keep it a bit mainstream)

I ran out of space in the requirements list, so here are some links to a well designed theme and color scheme that I really like. Apply the steampunk and fantasy feel to this, and you’re on your way to a winning design :)

Link #1: (scroll to see the range of design elements, also check my attachment)

Some observations about the design: great use of colors and contrast (I like the brown/wooden natural feel with gray background for text)..

Also the exact graphic style of textures I want. I like how the textures are noticeable, but aren't overdone (not too serious or realistic, a bit cartoony but with professional graphics)... The color scheme is inviting and friendly with an adventure and fantasy feel. Meanwhile, it still manages to stay simple and organized. This is a great, functional theme that accomplishes all the things I want in an interface design. I don’t want a clone of this (though I definitely like the color scheme, which you can borrow from). I’m referring to it because of its high quality.


The most important thing about this project is how it all fits together - I need a fun steampunk/fantasy look and feel for the interface.

I'm not as concerned with individual logo or icon designs, but definitely do your best to make them benefit the overall presentation and theme. Mainly I want everything to work together.

The attached mock-up interface will give you a general idea of where to place main elements, but the dimensions and placements are not too strict – feel free to make improvements. Also, ignore any colors or shades it includes; they are just there to distinguish the design elements and their page placement.

I have attached some color scheme ideas, but you are free to do whatever you want. I love creativity, show me what you can do!!

I also attached some sketch art, and an example of a logo that I like (although my logo can be much more simple).

**Technical Requirements**
--- 760 pixels width required

**File Requirements** (no coding needed)
--- .jpg and layered .psd (RGB)

**Project Completion**
--- Once selected, you will need to complete 8 basic layouts based on further mockups that I will send. The remaining work will be very straightforward, as it will just involve placing elements that you have already designed into certain places on the page. Simple! Other future work and other layouts/icons will be paid for separately, if necessary.

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