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Norway calling! A colourful coach/inspirator need web-design

Liv Berit Tonnessen avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Voici comment Liv Berit Tonnessen a commencé son expérience web page design

Nom de la marque (My two first names.)


Since 1994 I have been self employed. Up till now my firm was called (Consultant in processes). Now there is a shift: I want to sell MYSELF as the tool, and don't hide behind a fancy name.

My services is offered in two directions: the secular marked, and the Christian (church staff/ volunteers/ individuals).

I am an author of a Christian book - theme: how to build churches that can warm the one's that are frozen because of hurt from both life and church?

Everything I do is out of a passion for people.
I don't make programs, but 'tailor' everything I do out of a dialogue with my customer and their perspective.

I am 54 years old, and I highly value truth and trust. I need my site to reflect my values.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

I have 3 different customers:

1 Leaders - and their employees. I assist them to grow in their human skills. I train leaders to be wise regarding communication, to strengthen their relational skills and the culture they operate in. That makes them more capable to lead their company/ organization or church by empowering their staff/volunteers.

2 Individuals or groups. I practice as a coach, when they need to be strengthen/empowered in their own life.

3 Parents. I do parenting courses. My goal is to empower them, a really important issue in Norway.

All 3 markets are existing, but I will address them better now.

My desired audience is
looking for change in their own attitude and communication,
because they need a change of culture.
They don't look for the teaching of academia,
but they want/need practical, experience-based teaching,
rooted in wisdom and common values.


I really want the designers to be creative, and feel free to suggest things that will improve my guidelines!

For a few structural design guidelines, please pay attention to the attached guidelines provided by my CMS provider.

I want a clean, harmonic page.
I want the attached picture to characterize the design
No pop-ups

About me, with 'My faith' as a drop-down
Articles (including blog/news)
My way of working with 3 drop-downs: Secular marked, Church and parenting.

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

Page 1 is homepage
Page 2 is the generic content page, witch I'll use as the template for all other pages on the site (including articles).

The attached picture of me should characterize the page - let the colour from the picture inspire the design. Please don't box in the picture. Let the edges be fluid.
I won’t use too much text on the homepage. First and foremost my main goal (a punch line), my name and the menu.
Some articles I write in a magazine will be published as pdf/adobe on a pge 2, but I want a list of the latest 5 articles somewhere on the homepage.

page 2
I want the colour from the picture to be somehow visible on this page as well.
Ab the adobe articles: I want the possibility to add my own articles/news (like a blog) with my own pictures (580 px wide x 400 px height). I want you to mark the title, abstract and body to help the viewer in their reading.

I like a horizontal menu better than a vertical, with the possibility for a drop-down. It's nice when the menu isn't 'boxed in'. That makes it more airy.
Search field is needed
Footer (contact details) Do you need the text for the footer?

Site Web existant

My old site:

It is overwhelming! Simply too much - the text is too 'clever', and it is difficult to maneuver.
The colours are not me at all - I am colourful, not brown/nature.
The buttons don't lead the possible customers onto a predictable way. You'll find dead ends as well.
It is lacking a picture of me - but I love my lovely giraffe.
There isn't a blog.

Exemples de sites web
This is aesthetic, a beautiful home-page. Easy to maneuver. The font is maybe a little invisible? But I like that the menu is open, not with a frame around it. I thing the clear blue colour on the first page should be on the next as well. is a good one as well

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