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Munchy Time


We are a small family owned company that is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We provide office coffee service and water cooler rentals to businesses throughout Calgary. We strive to offer the best service and products possible to our customers to make their life easy, at an affordable price!

We are looking to expand. We will be advertising the website. I will also make sure to help promote the winning designer whenever anyone asks about the website.

Office Coffee Service is a unique service to businesses where we supply the commercial coffee equipment (not the cheap coffee makers but slightly larger more durable ones, plus the thermoses, and any other equipment requested, free of charge to our customers. The catch? They buy all their coffee and coffee supplies through us, and only us. We deliver it straight to their door and service the machines.

We also rent out water coolers to businesses. Not just any water coolers... Bottle-less. We plumb the water cooler directly into a water line and hook up filtration. All they see is a water cooler (without a bottle on top) and they never have to worry about running out of water. We charge ONE low monthly fee, with no hidden or extra fees added on. It's simple. It's cheap. It tastes great.

Our job is to make our customers life easier and to help improve the conditions and working environment for our customers.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Calgary area businesses! This is an existing market that has some large competitors. I don't want to copy our competitors websites so I won't mention them.

Basically we need a professional and eye catching design that also feels friendly enough to get people to either call us or email/fill out a form so we can get more customers! It's all about getting more customers!! We only provide our services to businesses, no retail or individuals. Only Calgary area businesses.


- Professional Design
- Logo on page
- Please use images that are royalty free if possible
- Be creative and just make it look awesome! I want you to have fun but do it in a professional way. I want you to be proud of it, I want to be proud of it, I want customers to love it.
- Something to do with Coffee and Clean filtered water.
- Some sign that it's a CALGARY based company.

YOU DON"T need to use the POU_Glacier image that is attached, but I included it so you know what the water coolers generally look like. You might be be better off just using some crystal clear looking water graphic.

YOU DON"T need to use the coffee-equipment image that is attached but I wanted you to get an idea of what type of coffee equipment. You might be better off using some coffee or coffee bean image.

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Main Layout/Page is needed. **** I may need to make some alterations to use the basic layout for other pages as well. I may even decide to pay the winning designer a extra fee to get the layout for other pages.****

Need to be able to see that is about coffee and water when you first see the page make it known that both are being offered.
Some image or graphic for office coffee service
Some image or graphic for water cooler rentals
Calgary Panorama

-Office Coffee Service
-Water Cooler Rental

On the main page I just want it to be inviting to get them to call or send us their info so we can contact them and get new customers.

I'd like to have some fancy graphic with water or water coolers on the main page as well as a coffee or coffee beans type graphic on the main page. I'd make the images linkable so they would go to the respective area of the site depending if they are interested in office coffee or the water coolers. Whatever looks the best! I want you to be free to make it look nice.

You may also want to put a panorama of Calgary somewhere on main page to show it's a Calgary company. **Any Calgary panorama should include mountains in background with Calgary tower/downtown in front, if you decide to use one - not required **

Site Web existant

We don't currently have a website! We need your help!

Exemples de sites web

Please don't copy our competitors:

Sites I like:
Most of the new looking sites look awesome, examples can be found on these sites:…spiration/…e-designs/

I've seen some of the design mock ups you guys make in other contests and I like the style! So do what you do best and I'll give feedback. :)

Thanks for all your help, it is VERY much appreciated! Be creative, have fun! Cheers :)

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