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Mobile company looking for website redesign

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This contest is guaranteed, so we expect quality work. You only need to submit home page for this contest, however, the winning designer will have to deliver additional (2-3) interior pages/themes and work with our coder/developer to complete. We do NOT needing coding and do want someone who can do some flash work. We do not want flash overkill though.

Please read ENTIRE brief as we are looking for something great!

We are a company that enables non-profit organizations to collect donations via cell phones, run text messaging programs and live mobile to screen events. We also work with large brands like Disney to develop cause marketing strategies.

Goals on homepage:
1. Reinforce the MobileCause brand by including the logo
2. Communicate our key product offerings very quickly/effectively and simply
3. Educate. Convey MC strength in marketplace, strong case studies, mobile as a growing and vibrant option for businesses, causes, ministries.
4. Lead the visitor to explore more
5. Should be VERY simple Apple storefront looking. It should almost feel like a consumer site rather than overly wordy corporate site

Nom de la marque


Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

We want a site that is Twittersimple, Apple sleek and web 2.0 friendly. Sites we like: 

STYLE:We want a 100% wide footer/header  witheither a simple footer or header navigation bar.

Examples of 100% wide with footernavigation here:

We DO NOT want something that isoverly corporate. Even though our customers are companies we want our site tohave the feel and simplicity of a consumer site. We are less pre-occupied withoverloading the pages with content and more about economizing the space andwith a rich, simple to navigate, web 2.0 vibe.

We will want a smart use of someflash so have to be able to design some flash. Our business is about sellingthree services to our customers.
-         Text2give –mobile donation solution
-         Text2broadcast– mobile messaging solution
-         Text2Screen– mobile to screen messaging solution

We would like the products to have aweb 2.0 icon of their own (or incorporate the ones on the URL below) for thethree products we sell. We like the idea of the core of the home page beingabout selling the three mobile services in simple clear way. Perhaps a way toscroll past three products without leaving home page like on this site:

COLOR:Please do not just give us pages in strictly orange and blue like logo but usegood contrast colors to logo that work. We likewhite base mixed with grey/aqua blues or grey/orange as a starting point butplease experiment.

You will find our logo and icons here:


Vector logo:



- Elements on home page:-         Top orfooter NAV Bar with submenu under the following Nav items: Home, Products,Clients, News, About Us, Client Log-in
-         Overview of3 products (large flash section probably ½ to 2/3 width of screen)
-         Content Boxwith  2 feeds: Blog( and Twitter Feed (@mobilecause)
-         CaseStudies: Perhaps an icon/logo of 1-3 case studies that click thru to the CaseStudies page. This could be a horizontal Flash scroll on home page. See:
-         Footer: ©2009 MobileCause I Organization Information I Job Opportunities I Contact Us IBlog I  Terms and Conditions I Privacy IFAQ

-         Any otherthing you think should be there but remember we want clean not clutter

- Also:

- Simple and clean

- More consumer friendly than corporate
- web 2.0 like
- White base background with sections of color
- White base w grey/acqua or grey/orange
- Serious fun and experimentation

Ne veut pas

No template-based deigns

No boring, non-creative designs

No cheap designs

No copycat designs

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