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genesismarketing avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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We are looking for a new main page for The new main page should be a clean looking page that accomplishes the goal of introducing marketers to HubCast.

1.) Introduce people to HubCast and drive people to sign up for a demo and learn about hubcast.
2.) Build trust and credibility with a new brand and look like an authority
3.) Follow the main wireframe example for the area above the cloud image

Nom de la marque


Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

We are looking for a new main page  The new main page should bea clean looking page that accomplishes the goal of introducing marketers toHubCast.


1.) Introduce people to HubCast and drive people to signup for a demo and learn about hubcast.

2.) Build trust and credibility with a new brand andlook like an authority

3.) Follow the main wireframe example for the area abovethe cloud image.  Both in this document

Must include all elements of the current page:

·        Colors must be blue, green and orange (to highlight buttons and calls toaction)

·        Cloud globe image at top of page – page should beclean  you can access the cloud file

·        Logo in top left

·        Bottom navigation same on every page :  Home, About, Contact, Newsletter, White Papers,Login, Help & FAQ, Demo, Plans. 

·        Also Text link footer the same as page

·        put in twitter and wordpress links to follow ourblog and ceo on twitter

·        Must use customer logos (Google, Cisco, JohnDeere, Novartis, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Chase)

·        Must have an about us, help and your accountlink
·        MainTagline options in image format:
·        HubCast:v  how the doers of the marketingworld get their printing done.
·        Theonly worldwide print delivery network.
·        Textabout the company under the Main Tagline:
·        Aremarkably innovative new way for communication professionals to get theirsales and marketing materials printed anywhere around the globe faster,cheaper, and better than ever before.
·        SubTagline in Text Needs to be H1 text:
·        OnlineDigital Printing Services &  World WideCommercial Print Delivery Solutions

·        You can use other text that is below thatdescribes the company and what we do.

·        Please use stock images

·        Please don't stick to the current look and feel- changing (the position of) the page marketing copy (headline, taglines),changing the image.

·        Must be 18 years or older

·        The odds of winning dependent upon the number ofeligible entries received.

·        Within 7 days after the contest is closed wewill inform the winner

·        Initial entries can be GIF, JPG, PNG, PDF - aslong as they are hi-res enough to see clearly. We'll need the winning design asa PSD  HTML CODING IS NOT an obligation. Work is expected to be deliveredas PSD. But, there is a $200 bonus (total $1000) if the work is delivered astransitional html template.  We will alsoneed subpages designed that will be additional work for the winner. We can pay by paypal or credit card.
What does HubCast do?
HubCast is the only worldwide printdelivery network. A remarkably innovative new way for communicationprofessionals to get their sales and marketing materials printed anywherearound the globe faster, cheaper, and better than ever before.
HubCast routes your online print orderto the certified high quality network printer closest to the order’s finaldestination. There it is immediately printed to our exacting standards anddelivered directly where it needs to be, saving you a ton of time and a fortunein shipping charges.HubCast gets your printed sales and marketing materialsproduced and delivered anywhere in the world overnight, and even same day inmany cases. In a nutshell, HubCast lets you get your printed materials fromanywhere to anywhere faster and easier than anyone else on the planet.
What does HubCast value?
Consistent quality.
Above all else, we value our customer’sTIME and we value our customer’s BRAND.
What is HubCast’s personality?
100% fresh.
Simply remarkable and amazing.
Refreshingly down to earth.
There is a smile to HubCast (and a gleamin its eye).
how does HubCast do it?
Simple. We print it there, not here.
HubCast has created a patented,revolutionary web-based technology unlike any other in the print deliveryindustry; one that instantly links you to our vast network of certifiedprinters across the country and around the world. This technology gives youinstant access to real-time pricing, global color consistency, guaranteedquality control and state-of-the-art customer service all through aneasy-to-use online interface. Through this amazing new technology, HubCast hasmade placing a commercial print order anywhere in the world as easy as bookinga flight online.
Where does HubCast come from?
HubCast has evolved dramatically from adeep-rooted printing heritage to pioneer a breakthrough Internet technologythat is revolutionizing the digital print delivery space.
Our founder Toby LaVigne is a descendantof four generations of expert printers. His family has been in the printbusiness for over 120 years. Toby knows more about the printing business thanjust about anyone in the world. Which is exactly why he’s trying to change it. He’swell aware of the slowness, the inefficiency, the waste, the headaches, and theexpense of the current way print gets done and delivered for customers. He is abona fide renegade within the printing industry; the one who will get everyoneto not just ‘think different’ about print… but “do different”. With HubCast,Toby has introduced a wonderful new paradigm to the world of print productionand delivery.
Who is HubCast for?
HubCast is for the doers of the salesand marketing industry.
Specifically, HubCast is for themid-level marketer, the generalist, the one who is chartered with doingEVERYTHING for the company; from supplying the sales force with the tools theyneed to loading up the trade show booth with fresh materials.
From an organizational standpoint,HubCast is ideal for companies that do business across state lines and acrosscontinents; for distributed organizations, for retailers or franchises or folkswith field offices, for multi-nationals, for companies that hold or attendevents and tradeshows in other cities, states and countries.


- ·    web2.0 style

·        fresh

·        cool

·        vibrant

·        100% fresh.

·        Simply remarkable and amazing.

·        Refreshingly down to earth.

·        Empathetic.

Look and Feel Designs We Admire ( a littlewordy)  (like the look and feel but is too wordy)

Competitors: we are looking to be different than competitors…ies/792741 (too much text but the font is great)…796244(too much text but clean look and feel)

Ne veut pas

a traditional / formal design.

copied sites - looking for originality.

Too many colors

No predominantly dark backgrounds.

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