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Our website is literally world famous in running circles. We very much like the simplicity of our current design and think it gets its job done but hey we are tired of it looking like a third grader did it.

Get rid of a column, add a horizontal nav bar and you may be the winner. The winning submission does not have to be working html, a design mockup is fine, but working html is a nice bonus.

Nom de la marque

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

There's a reason is the most popular independent runningwebsite in the world. Running journalists from around the globe come because they know they can find what's going on in therunning world very quickly. Think sort of the Drudge Report for running.

But the site is way too cluttered. We want to clean it up and make it look professional - not like a 3rd grader created it

Please understand we're not trying to make this a graphics site or web2.0. We like the density of information, it just needs to be presentedcleaner.

Think Clean, Simple, Elegant.

Wehad a design contest up in December on our site. The following pageexplains in great detail what we were/are looking for:

That contest gave usa lot of great ideas but in our mind there was no winner. From thatcontest, we picked 5 submissions that we thought taught us a lot aboutwhat we wanted for our homepage (even if they weren't the bestdesigns), paid them $300 consolation prize and have put up online whatwe liked about theirsubmissions and what we'd change. Please see the following page forcritical feedback:

So we are here looking to build off of what they did and picka winner. Note, this is a guaranteed contest so we will pick a winner.

To see our archived homepages (it's updated every day), please see:
Please note the following:
1)We decided to try to post our comments about the individualdesigns in one central place so designers could get massive feedback at once.  They are on our own website at:…mments.php.

2) Additionally, the members of our community have been postingtheir feelings about the designs on our messageboard at the followingaddress:…ad=2838476

3) We kindly ask all designers to refrain from commenting about their designs or others designs on our messageboard.


- The site must include two ad units above the fold: space fora 300 x 250 ad/video player as well as 720 x 90 ad. Occasionally, wehave another video player on the site.- The quote of the day is very important to the site and needs to be very prominently displayed. Based on our previous contest on our own site, we're pretty sure we like the following:
- Almostcertainly 3 columns - our idea is to get rid of the column on the leftand put in a horizontal nav bar but you are free to do what you want.(we don't care if you don't know what topics should be in the nav bar -we're looking for design).
- Please note: At least two of the columns must be for news.  It's important for people to realize that we post 12-15 new newsitem per day. That is what the site is all about. 
- The key is clean, simple lines between the columns with space between the lines and the text.
- We don't think we want to underline the hyperlinks.  
- A cleaner font.

Ne veut pas

- We don't want a site that is hard to scan very quickly and find the big news in a hurry.
- Yourdesign doesn't need to go down very long. We know that we should takeoff the news after a day or two. Currently we've been pushing it downfor months out of laziness.

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