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Law 2.0 - No Fault Divorces and Other Services

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We are no longer accepting new designers. Thanks all!

Thanks everyone so much, I'm so impressed by all of this!

The website i want you to design will provide internet and phone based legal assistance to individuals going through a divorce on the mutual consent of the couple. We are pitching an intermediate option between classic in-person representation and services that just generate forms for interested individuals.

We are not the cheapest option you will find, but we provide true professionalism at a reasonable price.

In terms of our niche: Web based attorney assisted services are distinct from: 1) in-person representations (high end) and 2) form-writer services (low end) in obvious ways.

As compared to competing web based attorney assisted services I'm going to pitch as focused on customer support first and foremost, and on providing detailed paperwork that will avoid future problems. we're going to be doing a detailed "settlement agreement" document that will make their divorce better accounted for than divorces that are processed without it.

- High quality, ivy-league educated attorney with integrity
- Professional, helpful process
- All the documents you need to make sure your divorce is complete and thorough

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

25-40 year olds (predominately women) who don't have money to blow on an expensive in-person representation, but don't want to undertake a tedious and intimidating process without the help of an attorney. People who have agreed to get divorced, and need help in making it happen.


Website design style should be some combination of simple and web 2.0 - it's ultimately pitched at a set of folks who use facebook and twitter, but it's still a law service so it's got to inspire trust and confidence.

I'm open to any color scheme as long as it isn't "earth tones" or "blue/gold accent" as those are the schemes of the competitors. Something easy on the eyes, and cool but conservative.

The website needs to convey:

1) That getting a divorce is a complicated endeavor without an attorney, but with my help, it will be a as easy as possible.

2) working with me will help you understand the ins and outs of the process and at the end you will have everything you need to complete your divorce. clients will have access to me by phone throughout the process.

3) Everyone knows that you get what you pay for, and spending a little more up front to work with a quality attorney to make sure the process is done professionally will avert problems in the future.

Simple, easy, inspires trust, progressive, empathetic, educated, personal,

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800 number needs to be featured prominently on all pages.

1) Home Page - I've attached some text (that may yet get a little edited) in a document called "home page"

See listed competitors sites for examples of what basically goes here, but open to innovation.

Key features are:

- 1-800 number to call
- Service highlights (Free consultation, low flat fee, quick turnaround, etc...)
- Emotional appeal (you're tired and angry, etc.)
- No Fault Banner / news area (no fault is now available in NY, etc..)

2) Pricing - There is going to be a page on pricing which will be divided into "four boxes", and each box needs to have room to describe the services offered. roughly, i'd like a graphic / section each for:

a) just husband and wife
b) husbank wife and children
c) husband and wife and complex assets
d) husband and wife and children and complex assets

(these are different offerings and have different prices)

3) Process - I'd like some stylized page depicting the 5 or 6 steps that the process entails - I've attached a document called "how it works" with the steps

The goal here is to make the process easily understandable and to break it down step by step.

4) About / Contact page

Phone and Email Address for the firm

"Contact me" field section to capture:

City, State
Email Address
Phone Number
Preferred contact method (Phone, Email)

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competing sites

Great font, graphics
I’d like toll free number featured up front and prominent.
It’s definitely cluttered, although very clever (in that he's got it all on one page) i would like a pricing page, not on the homepage, and the pricing is going to be in four options boxes.

it’s simple clean, it’s got great graphics.

it’s clear, he’s got the 1-800 number prominently featured, makes the process seem simple and their lawyers trustworthy.

I love the graphics too, but not what they have up top.

Site designs I like:

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