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We are LaptopLink, a new scheme in the UK. We will facilitate joining laptop repairers with the customer. The scheme works like this:

1. A "LaptopLink" agent, e.g. a mobile phone store, will sign up for free and become a 'Location' (so there needs to be a box somewhere which says find out more and sign up etc.) When they join, they get added to the list and customers will find them by postcode. The location will also promote the fact they now do laptop repair and will be able to accept a laptop on a customer's behalf. The agent will then contact the repairer who will collect and take over the repair. At the end of the job the repairer drops the laptop back to the same location. This costs the customer £20.

2. A repairer who finds their own customers can offer local collection and delivery services via the LocalLink network. The charge is set by the repairer.

3. In addition to 2, a repairer can also offer collection and delivery by post, using LaptopLink to organise this. The charge is set by the repairer.

The Location gets a commission for each drop off and collection, and the customer reviews the whole process (agent and repairer).

We like the following websites, have no idea what you will come up with but simply, these are things we like. (clean) (fresh and bright) (competition)

We want the site to be pretty minimal and spacious - its got to be 'fresh' and nicely web 2.0. Please aim at 960px.

:PLEASE ASK ME QUESTIONS!! :) I am quite good at visualising, so if you want to knock up wireframe or drafts to try before uploading final ideas, go for it.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The scheme is split into three segments so I think the home page will need to be too.

1. The Customer
This has pride of place and the site should be designed around them. It needs to explain what we do, how it works and have space to show a review or two, a box to enter your postcode and find your local LaptopLink and get a quote.

2. The Location
This will be a simple "Want to be a Location?" type box with a little text.

3. The Repairer
Similar to The Location, this will be "Want to be a Repairer?" with a little text.


We are looking for a single page that will simplify and distill down the concept - it's obviously got a lot to explain, but actually we think it's pretty easy to explain the customer side:

"LaptopLink is your link to local computer repair."

The customer can look up their postcode and find their local links. We need to explain the process:

1. Find your link.
2. Choose your repairer (if more than one available at that location).
3. Drop off your computer.
4. Have it safely & securely repaired.
5. Repairer returns laptop to Location.
6. Customers collects laptop, fixed :).

A box saying something like "About our repairers: You know your repairer has a workshop within 10 miles of the agent. All repair companies are vetted and have minimum requirements: Qualified & Insured Engineers, Membership of a Trade Organisation with a Code of Conduct, No Fix, No Fee Policy and Guaranteed Labour and 12 months warranty on all hardware repairs."

The usual links (contact us, FAQ etc) somewhere. We are hoping to be "supported by" CompTIA, Brigantia and TCA so might be nice to put it somewhere.

Please use web friendly fonts for the text parts.

Please find attached our new logo.

Our email address will be and the phone number is freephone 0800 999 4920.

At the end of the competition we will expect to have a layered PSD file and all 'mouse overs' or icons used. We do not expect you to have HTML coding experience, but please try to keep the designs reasonably simple.

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