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With the winning entry from our logo contest, we now need a website developed from it. Thanks again to all the entries from that contest. The level of talent on this website is simply amazing.

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Sourced Now

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Our website is targetted at store owners, distributors, and companies developing new products and brands. We provide sourcing services to companies wishing to find existing products to brand, or developing new products from prototypes or even general concepts. Regardless of where they are in their project, we provide services to get them to the next step.
We're looking for a fluid width design for 3 pages: The homepage/welcome page, an About Us page, and a "dashboard" page. ONLY A PSD is required. We will have all the coding done in-house.
All pages:
Need a title-bar with our logo, a login box, and a horizontal menu that shows dropdown boxes for additional links in each section. The menu links should be: Home, Who We Are, What We Do, Blog, Contact Us. The dropdown links will be off What We Are and What We Do, but just use dummy text. The links should also have rollover effects (simple color changing, gradient change, button that lights up, anything - use your imagination)
This page should NOT have a sidebar. Under the title-bar we want 3 large buttons taking the majority of the page (on 800x600): Development, Production, and Shipment. These outline the steps of our sourcing projects. Each should include a short blurb about the step and a list of services on each one. Again, use dummy text.
Below these buttons there will be boxes with our current blog titles, recent news, and promotions we may be running at the time. This area will change, but give us an idea of how you think it should look.
About Us:
This is where the Who We Are button will link to, and serve as the template for the majority of the public pages on our site. It will include our company's goals and a brief history of the company. It should also include a left sidebar with a multi-level menu, a rotating banner of services we provide (you do not need to design these, but we wouldn't say no if you did), a dropdown for the user to select their country, and a list of logos of associations we are members of.
This is the functional component of our website. It is the first page a user will see when they login. It will need two boxes:
1) A project box - This lists all the current sourcing projects for this user. Each one should have an icon to show it's current state, the title of the project, and a progress bar to show how far the project has come. You do not need to design the icons, but if you have ideas, feel free to include them. The progress bar DOES need to be included.
2) A messages box - the user will receive different messages about their projects. Some will be automated ("Project A has shipped - ETA 14 days"), some will be messages from our staff, and some will be messages from the user to our staff (Project Managers). Each should have a unique style that is easily recognizable.
The style we're looking for is clean and simple, with light colors. We do NOT want dark backgrounds. It should convey the ease that is working with our company. Ensure there's enough whitespace to make the site feel simple, but still presenting the information they are looking for.
The colors from the logo can be changed, but try to keep the same type of feel. The shiny version of the logo was what was picked, but if you have a design that works better with the matte, try it.
NOTE: Do NOT take our current site as inspiration. We're looking for a new (better) look and are not tied to that image.


- Bright and clean design - light colors
- 3 pages
- PSD file

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- Dark Colors

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