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Italian engeneering team operating in Oil&gas industry

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Nom de la marque

STP Studi Tecnologie Progetti (in english Studies Technologies Projects)


We are an Italian engeneering skilled independent company, operating in the sector oil and gas as a main contractor, supplying all the services needed to start-up an industrial chemical plant in every part of the globe. We are planning to rewrite completely our ancient web site, please help us give it a more appealing look!!!

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

STP operates in many Industry Sectors, such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, In these Sectors, we do provide integrated services along the entire life cycle of the Project, starting from consulting up to Plant construction and start –up. Our target is the chemical and petrolchemical industry who wants to build or modify an industrial plant, for whom we do operate as main contractor. As you can easily understand there are some company very much bigger than us in our target market. What we do want show is a more flexible, rapid and oriented to detail care company that can compete with the majors companies in the middle and lower level of the market .


The deliverables we expect are the following:
- two layouts: homepage, internal content page
- one home teaser in wich we can show several pictures in transition, sliding or the best effect you will think up, for this we do require the open flash file that include the transition in which we can insert the pictures as soon as we shoot on the actual projects on ground.
All layout must be available in photoshop, illustrator or flash open files, with all and any component required to use and modify it (such as fonts, pictures, open level). No needed html code.Please keep in mind that we mean to develope the site in html technologies in order to optimize the indexing on the serch engine, but we are in mind to realise a flash teaser.
the look and feel we are looking for is something really simple, modern and technological, our colours are the blu you can find in the attached logo.
STP logo, it is not so appealing but please don't be too severe, unfortunately the logo is an old version and we are not authorized to change it!

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

the structure of the pages are really simple. In home page, as you can see by the wireframe, we want an horizontal cut, on the top the flash teaser including the logo, just below it we see the main menù with the second level on mouse over.
In the center of the page 3 focus box with a little picture and tree lines of text and a right sidebar with permanent links.

In the internal pages the heather keeps the same, including the main menù, and also the right sidebar keeps the same. In the center of the page the text content .

Site Web existant

Exemples de sites web
this is the most thight to our idea
this is one of our competitors, but much bigger than our company really
nice, first of all for the transitions of the teaser, we do require something like this

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