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inZania LLC



We (inZania LLC) are a mobile software development company which specializes in iPhone + iPad apps. Over the last year we've grown a lot and have a need for a new website to better represent ourselves. If you would like to apply, please read the entire message below, there are lots of important details.

My idea for the design of the website is to have a menu similar to the "dock" in Mac OSX. This way we could use the icons from our apps to allow the reader of the website to switch between sections. THIS IS JUST AN IDEA. We'd love to see more creativity here, but the reason I suggest this is that it uses graphics to represent each app and also suggests that we develop apple-related software.

Additional Information:
* Check out to learn a little bit more about Sundry Notes, one of our biggest apps. It should give you some help understanding what the product looks like and does.
* Check out to see our current website (very outdated)
* Check out our competitor's website at

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The audience is primarily customers who might be interested in using / purchasing our apps, but also potential clients (software companies) may look at this site. It needs to be:

* Very clean, minimalist, and professional
* Use light colors and have an "open" or "boundless" feel
* Show off our main products (apps) to customers (people who might want to purchase the software)
* Be something we can show to potential clients (companies which may want to hire us to create an application)


Here are the items that would be in the menu. Note that the text is not necessary to appear in the design; icons would be sufficient (see below for a zip file containing all the app icons).
* Home
* Sundry Notes (iPad app)
* Sundry Memos (iPhone + iPad App)
* Sundry Reader (iPhone + iPad App)
* Airfare Pro (iPhone + Blackberry + iPad App)
* Clients (we have done work for numerous large companies)
* Contact (a section for feedback and general inquiry)

Additional Requirements:
* It must be easy for us to add a new icon to the menu when we release a new application
* We will be building the website in HTML5, but we'd like to stay away from any special effects or excessively flashy transitions for now.
* Final submission must be in PSD format. We have asked that you design a single product page for Sundry Notes, but it should be EASY to substitute graphics and other information in order to form the other app pages

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

In the main section of the screen, the actual content for the selected menu item would be shown (obviously). In your design, please include what this main content area would look like for at least one application (eg. Sundry Notes). Here are things we'd like to have room for:
* A title area with a large version of the icon
* A short (2-3 paragraph) description of the app
* Screenshots of the app (at least 5 - these could potentially open in a lightbox, but there needs to be a stylish way to show them off so the user knows to click them)
* A link to the AppStore to purchase the app
* Icons indicating what platforms the app is available on (iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, iPod)
* Text and/or icons indicating what languages the app is available in (some of our apps are localized in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese)
* Some of our apps have partnerships that we'd like to highlight. Namely, Sundry Notes and Sundry Memos have a partnership with brvsh (a stylus company) and Airfare Pro has a partnership with Vayama (a flight website). See the "existing website" section for graphics for these.
* A section for a video. Only Sundry Notes has a video right now, so this page needs to look good even without a video. However, for Sundry Notes, we'd like the video to be prominent.

Site Web existant

Assets available:
* Apple provides assets for the AppStore and other iPhone related materials. Check with to find assets if you like.
* Company Logo:
* Icons for Each App:
* 5+ screenshots for each of the 4 apps:
* Assets for Brvsh:
* Information about Vayama:
* We also have used the following "sketch" icon set in the past. You do not need to use this but it is available if you want it:

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