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New Instructions - Google or Yahoo Map kinda interface - Extended Again

joey-the-menace avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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I had a meeting yesterday with my team and the guys want to see an version. Here are the links they used as reference:

HINT: Try to use icons with reflections, tabs with glossy/shiny effects. Have you seen iPHONE screens? Something like that!

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Desired Color Scheme:

Desired Style:
Google Earth, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps interface distribution/funcionality.

Accepted File Formats:

- - - UPDATE - - -

I had a meeting yesterday with my team. We still haven't select a winner yet and we are extending this contest for 1-2 extra days.

In yesterdays conversation, guys want to see an version. Here are the links they used as reference:

HINT: Try to use icons with reflections, tabs with glossy/shiny effects. Have you seen iPHONE screens? Something like that!

- - - - -

Because of confidentiality issues, I cannot write too many details but I'll do my best to provide you the info you'll need.

I decided too add more details of what the application does without compromising the confidentiality issue.

Imagine DEVICE_A is connected with DEVICE_B by SUBDEVICES_01. At the same time, SUBDEVICES_01 is connected by SUBDEVICES_02, etc. The mapping is to view the location of those DEVICES and SUBDEVICES and check the connection status between them. Thats why the alerts section and the ticket section. The sections will have info of the devices, like where are located, their status, etc.

The tabs are to add more functionality to the application besides mapping the devices like for example: create reports, re-configuration of devices, devices modeling, etc.

When designing, don't limit yourself! Try to be as functional as possible but I prefer creativity over functionality. I want you to concentrate also in the shiny screen, glowing icons, smooth corners, etc. I haven't seen that yet except in 2 designs.

Some people have asked me which designs I like from Skins Factory. Here are the ones I found more suitable to use as reference for this particular project:

Yahoo! Search Gadget:…portPage=1

Ringtone Ripper:…portPage=2

Nero Showtime 3:…portPage=2

ATI Catalyst Control Center:…portPage=3

SourceTech Check Partner:…portPage=3

Disney Mix Central:…portPage=1


Basically I need a Google Earth/ Yahoo Map kinda interface with Skins Factory look n feel. Let's say you'll be designing a newer shinier version of Google Earth/Google Map and/or Yahoo Maps. I need a professional design that is sleek and shiny like the ones created by The Skins Factory.

I do not have an existing logo for this site and I don't need one for now (but keep in mind there will be one so make some space for it).

Project Details:

Content: There will be a lot of data that will need to be shown. So you have to come up with novel ideas to show these.

Sections: Can't tell anything except that where the mapping goes, it will be have tabs (6 minimum). Each tab will have different content - see SKELETON (…eleton.gif).


For Yahoo Maps, go here:

For Google Earth, go here:

For The Skins Factory, go here:

The winner must provide the PSD file of the layout.

It is highly likely that the winner will be asked to complete future paid work on the layout. I have new upcoming projects that need designs so it would be great to establish contact with some talented designers.

NOTE: As a condition of this contest we will need a signed copyright release.

Thanks for participating and good luck!

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