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Ink cartridge ecommerce design

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We need an uncoded ecommerce website designed.

Nom de la marque

Refill Ink Cartridges

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

The UK's Leading Refill Ink Cartridge Specialist

Desired Color Scheme:
Open to designer but needs ot be clean.

Desired Style:
Ecommerce, professional.

Accepted File Formats:
Standard Web Formats (.jpg, .gif or .png); Vector Formats (.eps, .pdf or .ai); Layered Formats (.psd or .tiff)

We are a specialist reseller of refill ink cartridges to the UK public and would like a new website for 2008.  We do not have a logo ready at the moment, so we are leaving colour choices up to you.

What are we looking for:
A homepage for a shop, with a logo in the top left and text links and icons to cart, account and contact at the top right.  Below the text links there should be room for a promotional banner which we can change to flash or shockwave in the future, but for now should be a promotion banner slot spanning either the full width of the page (we want a fixed width design) or 75% of the width, with the remaing 25% or so being taken up by a navbar.
A great example of the type of style that I am looking for can be seen   It uses the navbar and a promotional image very well.

Content Section:
For the content section of the page you will be designing, we would like to have a  paragraph or so of welcome text just below the promo/banner followed by some sort of quick entry points to the various items in our cart. So  for example, some web 2.0 boxes/icons that go to:
1) Refill Ink Cartridge Instructions
2) Refill Ink Cartridges
3) Laser Toners
4) Printers
5) Data Strorage (DVDs/CDs)
6) Flash Memory
7) Paper/Card
8) Create Your Own...

The site should function perfectly normal if I only choose to display 3 of the boxes above, but when I want to sell the rest, I should be able to add the icon to the page (I know I will have to code it in) without knocking the design out of flow.  So I would like to see in your design all of these icons present, in perhaps rows of 3 icons per row, clear for the eye to see.  These could be called 'Shortcuts'.

We would also need a more standard navbar at the left of the page (either at theleft of the promotion banner or below it but to the left of the content page).  This should be text based links but with coloured bgs (as if I was rolling over etc.)  Links to all of the categories mentioned above would be necessary.

Right Infobar:
This does not need to be present, but somehwere on the home page, there should be an icon/box that  is there for newsletter subscriptions.  It should say  'Subscribe to our Newsletter Today for your chance to win a Nintendo DS!'. I think I would primarily like this to be somewhere in the top left quarter of the page, perhaps just below the promo banner?

The footer of the page should look very clean and 'close' the design nicely.  I would like the logo placeholder that you design to also be present in the bottom left or bottom center of the footer.  The usual copyright etc and some quick text links should also be present to allow me to link directly in to my categories.

Page Container:
Ideally I want the page to be fixed width to be positioned in the center of the browser, so an appropriate width must be designed.  The design must all flow nicely together and close out properly with the footer.

We are a small independant ink cartridge refill reseller and we want the site to appear friendly and easy to use.  We would like clean colours to be used, with a clean (white or other light) bg colour to make links and text easy to read.

We imagine the site to be done in clean colours, no bright, contrasting colours, just a fresh, clean and professional look.  We would leave choices of colours up to you and when we see some concepts we will have a better idea of what we want (hopefully!).

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