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Infocore is launching new services to diversify its core business of list brokerage and list management with new analytics based results driven solutions for our clients

IMPORTANT to consider the Ratings System:

0 star - not really what we are looking for.
1 star - getting closer but need revisions or a different take on your design
2 star - design is being considered but need more feedback from us
3 star - Good potential but not there yet
4 star - We really like the design and will be presented to the partners
5 star - Customer really like the design and will make the final selections from these

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Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

We want a design for a homepage that will do several things for our company.

1) Bring us out of the stone age.  Look at our current site at and you will see what I mean

2) We are a San Diego based information asset company that has been in business since 1992.  We help our clients unlock maximum value out of their marketing campaigns.  We also help them unlock the hidden value of their own information assets.

3) The website should highlight our new core competenices (Customer Value Management, Inelligent Assets, and Thought Leadership) alongside our current core business of List Brokerage and List Management


- Look at for design look and feel that we like: (1) simple "How can we help" block on the left side of the page (2) large middle highlight graphic that highlights core competencies (we dont necessarily need a full flash intro like this site has probably just the resting point of the flash) (3) Latest News block on right side of page (4) We also like how they carry through the core competencies to the bottom of the page with the two smaller learn more boxes
- Look at We like this site because of its less busy background, overall simpler layout, and how the sections extend to the edges of the page.
- Our core competencies that need to be highlighted (1) Customer Value Management (2) Intelligent Assets (3) Thought Leadership (4) List Brokerage (5) List Management
- Color scheme: burgundy, gray, maybe something with some brighter blue colors.
- Tagline is Analytics based results driven solutions
- Top menu bar should be About Us, Core Services, Clients, List Brokerage, List Management, Careers
- We will probably have a short video interview of our CEO that will be on the home page somewhere.  This will be a permission based video stream (you will click on it to make it play)
- Link to Blog, Site Map, Contact Us, on the bottom and top of page

Ne veut pas

- We dont want the site to be too busy or instructional.  We believe our current site does a poor job of this.  We want the site to highlight our core competencies and invite visitors to contact us
- The site must look very professional.  Our clients are large companies. 
- Not too much flash
- No sound

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