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IGNIA, a Pioneering Socially Oriented Venture Capital Fund

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Nom de la marque

IGNIA is a play on the word “Ignite”. We want to ignite the growth of our companies to provide poverty relief


IGNIA is the first social impact (venture capital) fund in Latin America fully dedicated to investing in high growth enterprises that serve the base of the socioeconomic pyramid (BoP). We provide responses to the enormously underserved needs of low income populations and seek to create social value while generating attractive financial returns for our investors. We want to prove that meeting the needs of the poor can be profitable, and therefore attract more investment into businesses and solutions that help those in poverty.

We prioritize sectors that have a disproportionate impact on the life-chances of the poor such as healthcare, nutrition, housing, education and basic utilities. To date, we have 6 portfolio companies in affordable housing, organic produce/agriculture, primary healthcare and telecommunications–all fully dedicated to improving the lives of people living at the BoP.

We are looking for a fresh, vibrant web site that communications who we are and where we are better able to communicate our vision and ideas with entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, thought leaders and the general public. Like IGNIA itself, we want our website to have a pioneering influence in the area of social impact investing. We hope you will help be a part of it!

PS. Use our webpage for guidance on the “elements” we need, but don’t be limited; be creative!

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our website has a number of audiences ranging from (i) potential investors that wish to invest in our fund for the purposes of making socially oriented investments, (ii) entrepreneurs who are looking for funds to finance their enterprises, (iii) policy makers and academics who are interested in how we are pioneering the social impact investing space, and (iv) the general public who is interested in social impact investing, venture capital in Latin America, and in improving the quality of life of the low-income population.

Our audience is wide in terms of geography (primarily the United States and Latin America), language (English and Spanish), socioeconomic background (from base of the pyramid to the elite), and even educational levels. But you wanted a challenge right?

IGNIA and our web site have been mentioned in numerous publications including The Economist, the World Economic Forum, several major Global and Local Newspapers, among others.


We are looking for a design that is:
• Friendly and inviting, and easy to view/navigate
• Professional–we are a pioneering fund in the social investing space and need a site to match our presence and status.
• Colorful and fun with vibrant pictures/videos
• Dynamic/Interactive, with social networking tools to feed into our Twitter/Facebook presences

We need to accomplish a few things:
1. Convey what IGNIA does–suitable to all of different our audiences
2. Get visitors to interact with us (i.e. sign up to receive emails, share ideas with us, refer us to their friends and family, etc.)

• 3 pages (Home Page, Content Page, Content Library page) in English in PSD format. We are comfortable awarding prize based on home page only but will require additional pages at end of contest with same theme.
• Incorporate our logo
• Please use a blue color scheme
• Please do not use any copyrighted photography.

Also, here are some sites we like or which are in the same field: (well designed)…index.html
http://www.globalimpactinvestingnet…index.html (very nice)

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