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Our new organisation, Impact London, is a small Christian organisation with big ambitions. It aims to tackle every sphere of social exclusion in London by 2024 by growing and multiplying a large number of social action projects based from London’s inner city churches. We are preparing to launch the organisation and need a website which will be seen by thousands of people across the city.

We need the layout design for a homepage, and the winner will also design a page for text and heading only and a page for a picture/module/map. The design should be in keeping with the Impact London logo.

Nom de la marque

Impact London

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Impact London aims to create a network which brings together social-action charities with solutions to social problems, churches who want to deliver social action in their community and individuals who can provide the funding, knowledge and support to scale-up and replicate those projects.

The website must speak to each of these groups and its goal is to attract each audience to act. In particular:
- Charities must understand key information about Impact London’s ethos and values, and be convinced of its credibility as a serious, hard-hitting partner and advisor, which is capable of providing the funding, knowledge and support to help the charity scale up, rather than take over.
- Volunteers must be excited about the vision for London, be convinced that they want to get involved in Impact London and be signposted to a place where they can decide on the nature of their involvement. The website will have a landing homepage describing the work Impact London is doing with some links to pages describing the vision of the project based on the following structure
- Map page (shows churches and charities in London with clickthroughs)
- About us page (mission, principles, approach, partners)
- Data page (place to enter data to update map)
- Network page (tour and sign up for network)
- Case studies page
- Events page
- Contact
- Join


The homepage design must be aligned to and include the "Impact London" logo. (….org/logo/)

The website will be built using Joomla, so the winning entry must be Joomla compatible

The homepage should generally have lots of black and white pictures on it to give it an urban and gritty historic feel. It must include:

1. Flash or moving image with 3 rotating images
- Witness the need (with photos of homeless and socially excluded people, statistics, and an old map of London - clicks through to the map and list of facts about social exclusion in London)
- Join the movement (with pictures of civil rights, wilberforce and clapham sect, and a snapshot of the ning/facebook/online - clicks through to the sign up page and access to online and offline networking activties)
- Effect change (pictures of people serving, and looking generally happier, with a bible open at Isaiah 61 in the foreground)2. The text: “Impact London's mission is to transform society in deprived urban areas by equipping and resourcing Christian organisations to:
- GROW RAPIDLY TO MEET THE NEED through local church-owned social action ministry [Read more]
- DEVELOP WITHOUT COMPROMISE in proclaiming Christ through service [Read more]
- INVITE INCARNATIONAL FOLLOWERS of Jesus to worship where the need is [Read more]
• Head up each of the three paragraphs (GROW, DEVELOP, INVITE) above with the action verb bolded or coloured to make them more impactful3. 3 case studies
- Church leader
- Leader of a Christian ministry
- Individual Christian who did Mission Year then as an alumni set up or operated a ministry)It should be aligned to this and fit with our brand values and tone (as below).

1. Brand Values
- Empowerment
- Action-focused 
- Historic movement
- Uncompromising and revolutionary 
- Here for the long-run 
- London specific 
- Social reform is achievable 
- Growth/replication2. Tone
- Serious
- Hard hitting
- Professional
- Exciting
- Clean
- Engaging
- For people interested in making a differenceReference websites to look include Future Leaders, DIESEL, Nike, The Resurgence, HTB, and Mars Hill, Mission Year

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