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Présentation is a new brand being launched by an existing company. Cloud Computing is a revolution in how we make use of servers, and we expect there to be a growing market for cloud hosting. Our new website is aiming to address this market.

This market is typically served by managed hosting providers (e.g. Rackspace) and dedicated hosting providers (e.g. ServerBeach) at the moment.

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To represent the three products we need to understand them a bit better. Each product is made up of a basic cloud, which is a processor and storage. So for the products:

iCloudSlice: Show a number of processor and storage servers, and then these are aggregated into a single unit, and there are a number of small virtual servers - of which the client gets one.

iCloudDedicated: Like iCloudSlice, perhaps show two storage servers, two processor servers, and one virtual server - the client gets all.

iCloudCluster: Like iCloudDedicated, except show a number of virtual servers, with the client getting all of them.

The three things to represent are:
- A storage unit (e.g. lots of disks)
- A processing unit
- A server that the client is presented with

I have done a mockup of this here to give you an idea:


We would like five pages designed:
- Homepage
- 3x product pages (see below)
- Content page

The links for the main menu should be:
- Home
- Why Us
- iCloudSlice
- iCloudDedicated
- iCloudFarm
- Support
- About Us
- Contact Us

We are offering three product lines, we would like to get the message for each of these across clearly to the end user. (These are mentioned below in ascending cost.)

1) iCloudSlice (Pricing will be from $50 USD per month)
This product is similar to a VPS; in that more than one client will be hosted on the same physical server. However, that server is mirrored ensuring if it physically fails the iCloudSlice will be automatically transferred to another server for no downtime.

2) iCloudDedicated (From $250)
The product is the same as iCloudSlice, but each physical server is dedicated to a single client. The advantage over a traditional dedicated server is that it has a mirrored physical server and in the event of a server failure the iCloudDedicated switches over to the other physical server that is provided as the service.

3) iCloudCluster (From $1000)
This is the provision of a dedicated infrastructure for the client of a number of storage and processing servers, they can then split this into as many application servers as they need.

Our website is intended to be multi-currency, with a way for the client to select if geo-detection fails.

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