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Nom de la marque

Dr. Simon Rosenberg


Prosthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry
The Center for High Tech Dentistry
"Improving Smiles One Patient at a Time Using
High Tech with a Gentle Touch"
Call for your initial exam or for a Free Consultation!

I have attached a wireframe for the basic layout.

Also, please look at these examples for websites we like:…01_lrg.jpg…01_lrg.jpg…/index.php

Here is an example with video:

We really like how the images "pop" out of these sites. We love the use of a big image that uses gradients and colored brushes on top or around the picture to make room for the "call to action" (like "Call Us Now For an Appointment". Then use faded gradients around the image to integrate the heading and form for them to fill out. The images fill out the space. They are big.

If you read the following articles on "polish", "quality" and "negative space", we will love your design:…he-polish/

And Quality:…eb-design/

And Using negative space (see their demo):…s-a-guide/

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The main purpose to get people to book their appointment online or call the dentist.

The more they trust him and get their questions answered via the website the better.

He has a lot of features on his current site, but it is ugly and they don't work with one another.

As far as pictures, families with big smiles and nice teeth will be great. If you can find one in a dentist office, that could work, but I don't think that you will find the best pictures for that.


Functionally, this is everything the home page needs (refer to the wireframe)

1. Logo, Phone #, and space for 3 - 5 pages in the top navigation.
2. Beautiful picture w/ call to action and an arrow or something subtle to point to the form on the right. The image should be large and fill the space. I DO NOT just want a picture in a rectangular box. I want the picture to either "pop out" of the box, or to fade into the top or body and work with the text around it.
3. a form containing a header, smaller description, name, phone, email, submit button and privacy statement on the right hand side.
4. Under that, a place for the main blog and a sidebar.
5 We need to find space for other parts that exist currently on his home pages:

a. Office Hours
b. Book Now Button
c. The Picture of the doctor
d. Social media buttons - yelp, linkedin, twitter, newsletter
e. their address up on top

I can't say it enough - imagery and polish, imagery and polish. I want it to look like it was created in 2010.

Common Complaints From Completed Projects:

1. Don't make the top of the page vibrant with color, and then forget about the rest of it and make it different greys.
2. The image should use gradients, brushes, fades to integrate it behind the form or video. The image should "pop out" of the box if possible.
3. Don't go too crazy with boxes. I dont want box with an image, with a box for a form, a box for a phone, a box for each heading, etc. You can achieve much of the same effect just using spacing correctly. I used boxes in my wireframe only to show you where things go.

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