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Our current homepage is very boring….We are in need of having our main index page, overhauled, redesigned, to give this a stunning new fresh new look.

Current Site is

Nom de l'entreprise

ACORN Sales Company, Inc.

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Here are our current issues / battles that the site gives us…

Navigation Elements are poor and we end up with a lot of phone calls directing people from Point A to Point B on the website, and obviously lost sales for the customers that *do not* call.

I would like to incorporate an area that would have more room for an area that would have product / company advertising and basically we need to put the WOW factor into this page basically once someone land here they are sold on “this is the company” to get my supplies from…

On the company level we put a big emphasis on product quality, fast turnaround, customer service, and also a lifetime warranty on embossing seals

I would like to create about 3-4 ads that can be roatated around with some so that every aspect gets some attention.

Our logo and the page elements can be downloaded here

High Res image files can be snaked off the larger product pictures which are set at 600px by 600px

I have also included in the zipped file a word document with much more detailed items.

From the Navigation standpoint we need to address company navigation, product navigation and shopping navigation.

 ** This is the weakest part of the site now…so I'm looking for the best solution...and am willing to pay.

Once everything is finalized we would like to have:

1 HTML Index Page

All Graphics used in a editable form (and I use Fireworks 8 so preferably a PNG file but I can also work with an EPS or PSD file

1 Store Front Index HTML

Clean CSS sheet used for the Navigation


- Item 1...Since we have a lot of static pages already built ideally we would want to create something that keeps the same structure as it is so, but this is open to change.

The blue we use is #174574 and I have created the rounded looks with graphics but I’m sure this can be done cleaner in CSS

A stock photo of a person will be allowed since I think it helps give a warm personal feeling to the site…

A fresh new look – and feel free to tear the old apart and recreate

Maybe a design with a faded background image…

Maybe put more emphasis on the product categories that get more traffic ranked in order.

Notary Public Supplies
Custom Rubber Stamps
Specialty Embossers
Professional Seals

Ne veut pas

- Item 1...Clunky Graphics as it is now…
Boring Site

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