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Growing Software Company needs new web design - Fast

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We are a fast growing web-based software company that has outgrown our old web shell. Here is a great chance to design a new look and get a great reference account with a high growth company. We would love to see what you can do! Its a short competition - Good Luck!

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Desired Style:
Relaxed, Professional

Accepted File Formats:
Standard Web Formats (.jpg, .gif or .png); Layered Formats (.psd or .tiff)

Need a Professional site template for growing software company that is on white or near white background. Light clean lines.

Our software allows secure back-up and sharing of files such as large video or picts, collaboration, document management and related solutions for the enterprise.
Adjectives to describe the site include relaxed, professional, open, clean, not boxy not cluttered. A very rough example may be along the lines of www. rmkr .com . Just be unique. The visitor strategy will to not rely so much on menus but will be solution focused to allow funneling of visitor traffic based on needs.

We are flexible but a 3 choice / lane approach has worked best in the past similar to the 3 central boxes on www. webex .com with the visitor choosing company size, solution type et cetera. Its your call, how to pull it off, you are the design genius so we are open to input.

We would like our website to rely on a strong aesthetic design on presenting the information about our solutions. Pleasing but it does not have to depend on photos. Any graphics used need to be included in the design fee or approved in advance.

The site is on a very tight timeline, particularly in terms of content fill-out, so it would be an advantage if it looks good with lighter content but can expand with us. Our initial messaging is still being developed and will change over time so we need to be able to adjust where possible.
Minimum Page versions needed are Home page and stripped back normal internal type page.
Main Menu Items (need 5 to 8 items - adjustable)
Resource Center
Contact Us
Main 3 - 4 ‘lane’ choice examples (needs to be adjustable)
Share Files
Secure File Back-up
File Sharing and Collaboration
We want a design that looks nice of course but must have flexibility to change as quickly as we do, any of the above may be changed as we push into new markets & messages.

We will use in-house professional talent to code your designs so the winning entrant needs to be able to answer any typical minor questions that may arise.
Our preferences are also to use a design that will work in a standard web-safe font. We need to be able to easily get any fonts used in the design if they are not standard. It would be an advantage if the headline was text for SEO reasons, but its not critical.

Colors should be easily read and above all - Professional. We are flexible and open to your creative input.
We do not have a logo for the new ID and would like a simple logo design added that fits with the site. The site will be at www. EnterpriseFiles .com open to input and creativity. This division is focused on helping Enterprises (large companies, Government and Educational entities) share, manage and collaborate on documents.
Do not be afraid to get out of the box and challenge typical approaches with menu placements or layouts - if it works, thats fine. We are unique and like to show it, we just need to keep the design sleek, professional and usable.
This is a short contest and I will attempt to give feedback every 4 or 5 hours until it is done. You are encouraged to enter multiple designs, we prefer you do not wait until the last hour to post your entry as the feedback may help you win.

I have no problem with being an occasional customer reference for the winning designer if needed, just WOW us!

There is also a strong possibility of future work here - after all, we are a web based software company. Good luck, and may the best mouse win.

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