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Great coders need awesome designers for IT services website

insitec avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

Un gagnant a été sélectionné de 95 designs proposés par 20 designers freelance.

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Voici comment insitec a commencé son expérience web page design

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Professional, fresh and creative design for a small IT service business in Australia.

insitec is an it solutions provider, offering hardware, software, network and web solutions. Our clients range from small to large businesses as well as Government clients.

insitec don’t currently have a graphic designer, and so our new web design is up to 99designs! We are leaving it up to the designers to come up with something different and creative that will gain potential clients attention.

If this works out for our redesign, then we’ll be looking to use 99designs designers on a regular basis!

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Government departments and small businesses are our largest audiences, so we require something that stands out but is professional enough not to ‘turn off’ Government clients.


Outline of requirements:
• Web 2.0 feel [Requirement]
• Include insitec logo [Requirement]
• Non-template feel [Requirement]
• Must be possible with HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP. No Flash/Silverlight/etc [Requirement]
• Should not feel overcrowded. (Plenty of white space.) [Requirement]
• Easy navigation and readability [Requirement]
• Layout should look good at a width of 960px (1024px resolution) and above. [Requirement]
• Involves the insitec colours, which are blues (#27A6D3 and #2D2F7C) and whites. [Requirement. Although doesn’t have to be exact colours, as long as it contains some blue/white somewhere in the design]
• Ensure "insitec" is always written using a lower case ‘i’ [Requirement]
• Fixed width design [Optional]
• We generally prefer designs that are very clean or/and with photos, rather than cartoonish drawing. However are open to all designs [Optional]
• ‘Floaty’ design. The page is not constrained by a ‘box’. Parts of the website ‘float outside’ the central part of the page. [Optional]
• Interactive feel (roll over menu, slide show, etc) [Optional]
• Prefer 1 column design, possibly 2 columns. However 3+ is going to be too cluttered [Optional].
• insitec’s slogan is ‘Unlocking Business Potential’ this can be included in the design [Optional]

See 'Page details' for more requirements.

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Description de la page

We require just a single page however two pages is good as well, so long as the menu and basic layout doesn’t change between pages. The menu should include at least 5 options (Hardware, Software, Network, Web, About) although if it can accommodate more options that would be excellent.

We are pretty open to any design style, cartoonish or real-life (photos etc), simple, complex, plain, flashy large banners, small banners, etc. However we’d like clients to be able to tell what we do as soon as the page is opened without scrolling. And both small and large amounts of text can be displayed on the page without the design losing its look and feel.

The winning design will be expected in an easy to slice format, such as fireworks png, psd, etc preferably in a higher resolution than the website will be. That way, if we choose to make things smaller/bigger, we won’t lose quality. Please ensure layers are accurately named, all items are either individual objects or on individual layers.

In relation to copyright we expect to wholly own all material (beyond stock photos) from the winning design and use it for any purpose we see fit, including online and offline material and making modifications to the design ourselves.

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As stated above, we are leaving it completely up to the designers to come up with something original. We will provide lots of feedback on designs and this will help narrow the look and feel once the initial designs are up. Be creative! Be different!

You can see what I am talking about on this website:…shore-2010 it is for a local festival. When you go that site, you KNOW that the website was designed specifically for the event. When you go to the site, you think, that is different from any other site. It has the same basic layout, but it has lots of flare and design to make it stand out. The drawings in the background, the menu, the 'painted' boxes. Even though none of those things are related directly to the festival. You could put anything on that site, even an IT website, and it would still look great.

Below are some designs we've seen on 99designs and liked. But this is just a few ideas. We want something new, different, creative and special!…/entries/7…ntries/207…ns/2621149…/entries/4…entries/48…entries/26…entries/34…entries/29…entries/41…entries/80…/entries/5

And some websites:

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