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Dina_crowdser avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Winning designer will be acknowledged on our website with a link to winning designer's profile.
We are creating a new crowd sourcing site where employers (companies and individuals alike) can post projects/jobs and have contractors (individuals, businesses) undertake these different assignments. The contractors can either bidding of a project/job or be chosen directly.

We want to see a general design approach that can be applied to the whole site.

Please note that we wish to change the existing logotype and the graphic style of the company's web site - We welcome proposals with different graphical style, colour, settings, elements etc, so be as creative as you wish (within the constraints of our requirements of course). We are looking for designs that are modern, professional and clear. It must feel easy and comfortable to work with the site. Our ambition is to reach a global crowd with features of social networking it is first and foremost a professional working space.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Two main target groups have been defined:
• Employers: companies and individuals, offering products and/or services within business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumers (B2C). Those are requesters, looking for workers.
• Contractors: workers searching for projects, who are going to use the system as a working space.


• The site should work with different browser and platforms as well as different kinds of connection including mobile and low-speed connections, so we expect graphics (images and other elements) to be used conservatively.
• As much as is possible, the structure, navigation and menus should be dynamic and easy to change and/or update.
• Centred page for 1024 width, 1280x800 screen resolution.
• All relevant page information should be presented within the screen size without scrolling. However, each page may grow down within the specified width so that we can place additional required items there, like links to different project categories, links to social media, FAQ, terms of use, contacts, disclaimer, legal info, etc.

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Description de la page

We would like to see your proposal for the first page, that is the screen that appears after a employer logs in.
The page works like a dashboard where the registered user can see personal related information in different ways:
• as list (even with pictures/avatars), for ex “My Profile”/“My projects”/”Contacts” (phones, email, etc.)
• as table, for ex generated from a data base
• as graph/diagram, for ex different kinds of economical statistics or sales.

We expect that the user may select different dashes/areas and keep 4-6 of them on the page.
• Page heading with a “personal greeting”, probably users’ avatar/logo
• Status bar with dashes/dash-symbols and functions (“My Profile”, etc. / “Logout”, “Edit”)
• Possibility to announce internal news, offers or other related information for the user (not commercials).
• Actions block (Print, Save changes, Download, Share, Connect)
• Search box
• If you suggest non-standard icons we would like to see an extensive set of them (excluding standard icons for well-known places like Facebook or Twitter)
• Menu area/bar (navigation area) that is constant through out the web site. Example File, Edit, View, Tools, Help.

Site Web existant is a temporary homepage. You don't need to follow the style of this page. We would like to see an alternative solution. Don't pay attention to the logotype. The style and color of our logotype may change depending on your design. So we encourage you to explore other colors and styles.

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