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Nom de la marque


Gift Emporium is a boutique ecommerce site for unique & specialty gift items from around the world. The site's idea generator will help people with inspiration for unique, thoughtful gift ideas for the recipient. Unlike similar sites, we will only provide a select few options for each search, but of course users will be free to browse from our unique portfolio items from around the globe. Gifts will be premium goods. Goal is to be the main gateway/portal for everyone to get their gifts from. People will buy most gifts from our site (i.e. full e-commerce functionality), and a very small number as referrals to another site. Typical gifts will be in the $50-300 range. Portfolio of gifts will be from around the world and not easily available in the United States.

KEY WORDS: Unique, Worldly, Handpicked, Premium Quality, Gifts, Specialty

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Brand Character:
After interacting with gift emporium, the target audience would describe the brand as: My ‘get-it’ girlfriend who’s in-the-know, insightful, worldly, attractive and genuine.

Audience is the worldly, tech-savvy, on the go working professionals. These are people who want to be and appear thoughtful, but given time pressures want a thoughtless purchase process. These people believe spending a little more money on a quality gift is a direct way to show someone that they are important to them. We would call the ‘mindset’ of the target audience “CLASSY DELIGHTER" A person who loves giving gifts and is searching for BOUTIQUE INSPIRATION, THOUGHTFULNESS and CLASS to eternally delight the gift recipient.


• Clean site - no external advertising but product placement within site possible. Clean, elegant, classy but with an edge.
• Uniqueness of the gifts will be key along with the idea generator. The idea generator will be based on what criteria the user inputs (example - romantic gift for wife who loves the outdoors).
• Membership engine to store historical purchases and profiles of
• Site will donate percentage of all its proceeds to some charity every month so perhaps small logo of charity somewhere on the site. Site will also feature goods from another entrepreneur but not a priority to highlight that.
• Key themes - global, unique, portal/gateway, gifts. Also higher end, clean, refined, worldly. Site should make somebody want to buy a gift. People should feel "through this site, I can really access gift ideas from around the world."

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

Actually looking for more than 2 pages, hopefully general framework from 2 pages can be modified as needed to accommodate the following:
Page 1: Home page with
a) search criteria - users will be able to pick a combination of 5 categories - for example, gift for my mom for her birthday under $100. Feel free to use Kayak interactive bars (see attached), tag clouds, or any other method to display this - BE CREATIVE.
b) feedback code entry - allowing gift recipients to type in a 6-digit code and submit feedback on the gift they received
c) login corner
d) social media logos/links
Page 2: Generic content page – used for blogs, about us, team, news, promotions
Page 3: Search results page (matrix thumbnails), can modify search
Page 4: Item description page, ability to add to cart
Page 5: Checkout page / shopping cart
Page 6: Gift profiler, simply would be a page where you have your close friends, family and co-workers birthdays/anniversaries saved, and with the gifts you've historically bought them. Helps generate repeat interest and customizable suggestions over time.

- Full set of icons & buttons (home, go, email, checkout, arrows, etc.)
- Incorporation of social media links like facebook, twitter, etc.
- Provide complete PSD files of site and all elements
- No Trademarked or Copywritten graphics or photos, all are public domain

Site Web existant - placeholder for now.

Exemples de sites web

Some competitors are - Redenvelope,,, Please try and do something different.

Websites that inspire (but feel free to go your own direction):
– See layouts of threadless, galante, martique: (current versions may be different)
– - I like how they let members get in quickly while potential members browse their way in -- letting someone browse through profiles (gifts here) without needing to login necessarily. On the other hand, those with an account can login easily and get a more customized experience through a login box easily visible when you first go to the site. - I liked that it was bold. It made a statement. Similarly, lot of the items we will sell here will do the same in someone's home or elsewhere. Not necessarily anything to do with the cart itself.

I like Ruelala's item detail page except with item description moved further up right next to picture, and to add recently viewed items below. Right side should show "you may also like" suggestions.

I don't like Gilt's search result page.

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