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A fun project - header for my hobby community

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A header for the community I'm building out at Three main elements to be included, the site name, the top level navigation, and the banner advertising area.

Nom de la marque


Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Desired Color Scheme:

Desired Style:
Site name to left, navigation top right, banner bottom right.

Accepted File Formats:

I'm building out a community at For reference, you can see the work in progress at

The header is to include three major elements:
1. The site's name
2. Top level navigation
3. Banner spot (468x60)

Points to consider
* I probably wouldn't like anything taller than 100 pixels, and less is probably better. Probably something around 80-90 pixels will look best to me without looking too compressed.
* I like the color that I'm using. However, that doesn't mean I'd rule out a similiar shade of blue, or incorporating other colors to work well with this color as an accent. But, I do prefer blues over everything else.
* The navigation should include 'Home', 'Forum', 'Blogs', 'Wiki', 'Directory', 'Gallery', but should leave the possibility to add new sections (and do it easily).
* The navigation can be graphical, and I might like it to have some way of highlighting the section the member is currently in by using a different color, brighter, bold, or something like that.
* The site name can be either textual or graphical, use your creativity there. It should fit in with the overall color of the site, but could incorporate accent colors as well.
* If your header design requires (or just would look better) with some changes to the body of the site, please make suggestions. However, please consider that as advice, as it's possible I might like the suggestion you have for the body, but not choose your header design as the winner.
* Please understand that elements from the winning submission would perhaps be used as part of promotional materials such as t-shirts, buttons, business cards, brochures, etc. Not that I'm planning to do that, just want you to understand that it's possible.
* The design doesn't have to be serious. It's a hobby community site, some degree of fun is ok. Not overly whimsical, or feminine, though. And, not to show favoritism to any specific hobby, as this site will at launch include a half-dozen different hobbies.
* I can pay by Paypal. I don't like Moneybookers, and WU is a pain in the behind, and the amount isn't big enough to justify Escrow. Please be sure you can accept payment via Paypal, somehow, before you enter. I could pay by WU if your head and shoulders above the rest and can't take Paypal.
* I expect I will like the layout as it is now, site name on left, navigation top right, banner bottom right. However, if you wish to offer up a design showing a different layout, you're welcome to express your creativity. It's your challenge to convince me.
* In places where I've been vague, it's because I want to leave room open for your creativity. Please don't be afraid to try something, you may pleasantly surprise me. If you're going in a direction I don't like, I'll let you know. I'm not overly harsh in critisism, so if I say something like "I don't really like it" then don't pursue that direction.
* I'm using a fluid design. It's going to stay that way. Please make sure that your submission would work well in a fluid design.
* If I don't respond to submissions for a while, please be patient. My wife is 8.5 months pregnant, due date is after the contest end time, but it could be any day now really. I will extend the contest if we get interrupted. I set the contest end to be before, but will extend if necessary.

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