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PADA - Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance


Hi! PADA, the Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance, is a non-profit ultimate frisbee sports organization. We run dozens of leagues throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. We also run year-round youth outreach programs and run tournaments in the Philadelphia region.

PADA believes strongly in community, character, and competition. Our mission is to spread these values to people of all ages and abilities through the game of ultimate.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

People interested in playing ultimate in Philadelphia as well as people interested in the organization itself. Most users will be 16-50, male and female.

The majority of people visiting our website already know about us and are there to do something - register for a league/tournament, find a schedule, see upcoming events, etc. However, it will also be visited by non-players, like sponsors and parents.


We're pretty open minded about the design in general, so feel free to be creative. We do want:

- A clean and easy to navigate design (has anyone ever asked for a dirty and cluttered design?). The PADA website has a lot of pages and it's important to be able to find them.

- Nothing flashy. Simple is way better than flashy.

- A light background color.

- A 960px wide design.

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

We're looking for the design of 2 pages: our home page and a league "stage" page.

Common to both:
- A logo (attached)
- A way of signing in / joining OR that user's name and a link to his profile if he signed in
- Navigation between the major sections of the site - Leagues, Tournaments, Community, More Ultimate, About

The homepage:

The homepage should be 2 columns. One column should be a blog (50-70% of width). The other column should contain an assortment of slots (similar to the slots that exist on the left and right side of the current homepage, but less ugly :). These slots are adjustable via CMS, but some examples are: upcoming events or announcements, leagues you're playing in, a Twitter feed, recent forum posts.

The league stage page:

This shows the current status of a "stage" of a league (e.g. the regular season or playoffs). I've attached the current version for the redesign of this page. **Do not infer any preferences about desired structure, layout, or style from this page!** It's a glorified database dump. Most styling is from the default CSS of our CMS.

The page should:

- Highlight the "leagues" section of the navigation as outlined above.
- Include breadcrumbs (e.g. Home / Leagues / 2010 Spring Mixed / Regular Season )
- Have sub-navigation for intra-league pages (sample sections: Information, Register, Regular Season, Playoffs, Teams )
- Display standings. Standings are divided into pools. Each pool should list each team, wins, and losses.
- Display the schedule. Schedule has to show date, home team (link), away team (link), field name (link), time. If a game has a score, the score should appear next to the team's name and the winner should be indicated in some fashion. Some users will also see an option to report a score.

Site Web existant - however, we don't like the style of it and a lot of the content will change. Please read the brief carefully!…edule.html - the site we are currently using to manage our leagues (we don't really like the style of this one, either)

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