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Fun, bold design for woman-focused online magazine/portal

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I'm creating a dynamic online magazine/community/portal site targeted at married women between 20-40 years old. Looking for a design that can handle a lot of information in a clear and fun way.

I'm an experienced contest holder--I give useful feedback and don't abandon contests!

Nom de la marque

hasn't been determined yet; just put something generic

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

hasn't been determined yet; just put something generic

Desired Color Scheme:
bold colors preferred; keep in mind the female audience, though

Desired Style:
fun but stylish, clean, modern

Accepted File Formats:
Layered Formats (.psd or .tiff); Fireworks layered PNG preferred

This membership-based site will mostly be made up of articles, with extras like polls and contests. I'm looking for a magazine feel, with good photography accompanying the articles, and articles submitted by members as well as staff.
Target audience
Married women between 20-40 years old who are looking for advice, validation, and ways to connect with other women. They approach life from a Christian worldview but are not boring or mousey; they're smart, time-crunched, and looking for meaning.
DivineCaroline is probably the closest to the site I'm creating. They are a general women's site, where mine will be specifically for married women with more focus on how to grow relationships and tackle the ho-hum issues of life.
General guidelines
- the central focus will be 1-3 featured articles (open to your judgement on how many) with photos
- additional content will include headlines with short excerpts from posts (and possibly small photos), a featured member, a poll, and an "about" blurb
- search and "log in" features should be prominent
- there should be room for ads, particularly the square and skyscraper ads
- categories (for navigation and for content sections, if you choose to show them) are Love & Sex, God, Friends, Family, Home, Work, Play, Health
- as a membership site, it would be helpful to show where "Your Profile", etc., might go 

Examples of sites I like

What I like:
- feminine feel without being too cute (they have a similar target audience)
- several ad positions and creative sponsorships (like the poll)
- "about" section placed prominently
- lots of information bt it's clear what you're looking at
- cleanWhat I dislike:
- colors seem a little blah
- awful lot of serif fonts
- top ad placement seems too overtOutside Magazine
What I like:
- bold colors
- space for advertising
- lots of information but still easy to find things
- clear headings on different sections
- excerpts along with headlinesWhat I dislike:
- the ripped-paper edges (works for them but seems more masculine somehow than what I'm after)iVillage subsite
What I like:
- definitely feels feminine (though I prefer bold colors to pastel)
- search is right at the top and easy to find
- "log in" is also easy to find
- creative headings and colors for sectionsWhat I dislike:
- top ad placement seems awkwardgURL
What I like:
- fun, funky colors and layout
- prominent poll
- top menu is a good overview of the options
- "log in" is easy to find
- headline font fits well with designWhat I dislike:
- limited ad space on front page
- probably a little too trendy for my audienceBest Life Magazine
What I like:
- strong, bold lines
- clear headings
- very visible search
- clear, concise navigation
- simple colors and lines that complement the photos and keep the overall look from being overwhelming
- strong, useful footerWhat I dislike:
- masculine colors (I know, it's a men's site!)  

What I like:
- lots of ad space
- the division between a "main" post and other featured blogsWhat I dislike:
- corporate feel in colors, fonts, and layout (it works for them, not for me)
- long side navigation 

Feedback policy:
I feel that all entries deserve some feedback, so I promptly rate every entry. However, because I usually receive many entries and only have an hour or so per day to review them, I am only able to provide detailed feedback to entries that are fairly close to what I'm looking for (usually those rated 3 stars or higher).

If your entry is given 1 or 2 stars, it's not personal; it just means it's not a good fit for this project. If you wish to continue submitting entries for this contest, you're welcome to do so, and my best advice is to re-read this brief, look at my example sites, and look at the entries that have received higher ratings. Try to identify what makes them a good fit, and emulate those concepts (but don't copy someone else's entry!).

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