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Food. Love. Passion. Can you express that all at once?

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Nom de la marque


Passion for food is what we are all about. How do we make someone fall in love with food as they walk through our site? It is with the design, colour, and emotion that someone (not us, but maybe you?) can help us convey. We paint with our worlds and with our images. We need someone to help us paint with colours and design. We bring people and food together, and people together via food.

We start by asking you questions about what you like to eat and how, then match you with food that your heart desires. We give you the chance to find other people who like the same food, and allow you to create dinner gatherings with them.

We believe that sharing a meal is one of the best ways to get to know another person, either as a friend, or perhaps something more.

We want our site to express that passion and that feeling of love you get enjoying amazing food. But we don't want to be too serious. Much like a blossoming romance, there should be a lot of playfulness entwined with the seriousness of the passion being expressed.

We want our mascot Scarlet Sutra (a food mistress) to bring people through the site. As if you are looking through the hazy fog of love and she is gently guiding you through an experience where you are falling in love with food. She (and the website) help you find food and people to connect with.

**note you can use the images on for the contest purposes**

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our target audience is anyone who likes to eat!

We've found so far that most of our users tend to be slightly older and more affluent, and have more time and disposable income for eating great food as well as single individuals (late 20s to late 30s) with disposable incomes.

However, we don't necessarily want to target just those people. Ideally, we want to have a wide range of folks with a wide range of food choices.


We are looking for two designs. We are pretty open as to what we want. We are not set on any particular colors, but we like reds and other deep, visceral colors that evoke passion and deep feeling.

We already have our mascot, Scarlet (see attached file). The site should be "hers". It should look like something Scarlet would design. Scarlet is like the Jessica Rabbit of the food world -- smart, gorgeous, someone who you want to listen to because they are just that compelling. This is her website and the experience you have on the website is being in her lair, her terms, and she seduces you as you walk through the site. It is her being emanated.

Feel free to be creative with the page layouts, colors, etc. Lot's of rounded corners and other "web 2.0" things are not necessary. In the end, we want the design to be in the background against the food, not in your face.

Ultimately, we leave it up to you the designer to knock our socks off!

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

You will be designing the landing page and a "profile page".

The landing page -- this is the front page of our site. It needs to draw people in and explain what we do. It also sets the tone for the whole site. On this page, color and graphics are key. We need to highlight the content while being very attractive to the eye.

It should have a few spots for text and will need two big buttons, "Find food now" and "Give Dishcrawl a test run". Attached is LandingPagePublic.png, which is our poor attempt at designing the page. Please do not feel the need to stick with that layout -- it is simply an example of the necessary elements.

The second page is the "profile page". Our site will have a lot of profile pages, and these will be the foundation of our site. Attached are example of the different profile pages of our site. We'd like you to design a generic profile page that we can morph into any of the profile pages that we need.

Again, we are not married to the layout in the examples, they are just our poor attempt at design. Please be creative with the layout and colors and style.

Just make sure that the landing page and the profile page match in their design aesthetics.

Site Web existant

We have already launched at

However, that version of our site doesn't have a lot of the features we want you to design (like profile pages). You should briefly poke around to get an idea of where we are coming from.

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