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Fmr Hotmail exec needs new dsgn of photo sharing svc for events

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Groopix at (live)


There are many photo services out there - but none are strictly focused on pooling photos from large events (like concerts) or shared experiences (like travel).

Groopix lets users create an online "group" or "event," invite friends to it, and make it easy for everyone to upload photos to one central place. Photos can be organized into folders to simplify large collections or to handle multiple events within a longer term experience (e.g., games in a little league baseball season).

After the event or experience, users can create photobooks (and soon, other products) from their favorite photos - no matter who uploaded them.

Groopix was founded by former Hotmail, Ofoto and Netscape execs and we're looking to use this niche to differentiate ourselves from services like Picasa or Shutterfly - which are more focused on the individual's photos.

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Ages 25-45. Wide range, I know. But we're looking for users with disposable incomes who have a desire to convert their photos to more permanent keepsakes - like photobooks.

This age group tends to travel with their families, with other families, or with larger groups (e.g., cruises, alumni travel).

We've made the photobook building process the easiest in the business, but the current design of the site looks more like Shutterfly (more 1.0 and for an older demographic) than something more updated and new-looking.

We want to come off as a professional looking service - trustworthy, solid, reliable - who are in the same demographic as the audience - not built in a garage.


3 page designs - home page, static page (e.g., "about us") and interior page design. See attached.

We're not looking to change functionality - just look and feel.


Sites that are distinctly 1.0 (not desirable): Shutterfly, Kodak, Snapfish

Sites we like: Phanfare, Smugmug (but probably too dark), Cooliris (clean but also dark), Facebook photos

Sites that are too spartan: Picasa, Photobucket, Flickr

Specifically, we're looking for:

o New home page layout and messaging - simple, clean, professional looking - one that conveys that we are focused on multiple photo-takers (that attended an event together or shared an experience with other people) can all contribute their photos to a single, private or public space - view the photos, download them, and create photobooks and other products from them.

o New static page design - our pitch to people that want to learn more. These pages are pretty dead now. New style - fonts, headers & text, consistent with rest of design

o Updated color scheme - background, "user working space" including interior background, treatment of tabs, buttons, text/hyperlink font and colors - register and log in to see how this looks. We want the photos to "pop"

Deliverables - just need CSS elements and artwork that our engineers can cut up and put in the HTML.

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