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FitnessChicks (website for wobbly women!!)

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Nom de l'entreprise

FitnessChicks Ltd


Hi, Our names are Sarah and Laura and we both own FitnessChicks Ltd. We currently run classes for women only in church halls, fitness centres. Our company is based in Edinburgh, and our main focus is girly, fun fitness for women of all sizes, ages and race. We are moving in to a fitness studio at the beginning of the year which we want to be a friendly studio for women only. Our main colors we use are pink, black and cream/white. We already have a website but feel this is not the righ site for us. We love the website and feel this is a good representation of what we will be doing. The classes we will be doing are fitness based but with a dance twist eg belly dance fitnes - pole dancing fitness, BIG bums, legs and tums. Our focus is being women friendly so women don't feel intimidated when they exercise with us. We are starting a fitness clothing line and hoping to move on to do personal training online so people can access our site from all over the world. We will also be moving into childrens fitness for girls next tear so again we want to keep the site friendly and fun. Our main aim is to get women who don't usually exercise TO exercise and LOVE it at the same time.

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Women of all ages, sizes, race, class. Our dance studio will open up close to students (18 - 25) so again we want to be attractive to them. We will be doing classes for over 50's as well as little kids - so our audience is really for all females.
Our logo which can be found on the website is a heart which represents all women of different shapes and sizes and our slogo is "getting rid of the wobbly bits"


1. To attract females to come to the fitness classes offered by FitnessChicks
2. To want to use the site to shop for FitnessChick clothing
3.We will be offering online personal training so a user friendly site for women to use.
5. We would like the site to be classy and fun at the same time - we know the fitness side is serious but our main focus is to make fitness fun for women.

We would like you to be as creative as possible using the pink, black and cream/ white colours. We are open to ideas but want this site to be as female friendly as possible.

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HOMEPAGE Our name and logo, a lin to our shop wth some sort of advertising of piece of clothing. workshop etc. We really like's homepage so something along those lines, CONTACT US PAGE, ONLINE TRAINING PAGE (again

Site Web existant - this site is so plain for us - there is no design, no flare and although i think it ids great for info, i feel that is all it does and it offers nothing more to the customer.

Exemples de sites web - love it all, its fun, fresh and funky love the music as you go in to websie and how their butterfly is used throughout the website

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