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Financial services leader needs cutting edge landing page

Opie avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Nom de la marque

Equifax Canada


Equifax is the leader in providing consumer and business credit intelligence, fraud detection, decisioning technology and more. Equifax aims to empower individual consumers to manage their personal credit information, protect their identity, and maximize their financial well-being.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Adult Canadians, 25-59, slight female skew.
We’ve identified three profiles:

Major Purchase - They are about to or have just recently made a major product purchase e.g. house or car.

Debt & Score Watchers - Consumers who want to know where they “rank” and how their performance changes over time with respect to their credit report and/or score - they also want to ensure the information in the reports is accurate

Identity Theft Protection - consumers who are willing to pay to ensure that they are not at risk on their credit profile


A new landing page that converts!
This page has only one objective: sell Equifax Credit Monitoring Service! (and credit reports/scores too…)

We are interested in results, it’s all about what works, so don’t be afraid to give it your personal spin and try something different!

We are driving users directly to this page; but this is NOT a home page, it’s the landing page to push Equifax’s personal solution products.

We are selling three products
Credit Watch should clearly be the most prominent product and the main driver of the page

Score Power and Credit Report are secondary

See attached document for product descriptions

Remember the landing page needs to push the Credit Watch product generate a sense of urgency in the visitor.

There needs to be a clear call to action and a sense of urgency. Get them to the convert!
Main call to action is Order Now (Buy Now, Sign Up Today are other options)

Secondary call to action is Learn More, we only have one page, so learn more details should be presented through AJAX code (show/hide options) or secondary windows

Consider in the design how would additional copy below the fold would look

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

Most of the traffic will be directed to this landing page, so it’s of vital importance to have the best idea in place.

The page needs a clear, compelling header and a prominent call to action.

People buy from people – include a lifestyle image in your design

Feel free to use placeholders – we’ll fill in the blanks

Include an element that informs users the page is Canadian (flag, maple leaf) but do NOT alter the logo.

Anything goes that conforms to the details in the requirements above.

All we need is the design, once one is selected, we’ll work on the html coding

Site Web existant

This page is old, boring and ineffective – we need something new.

See attached image for details on why this page does not work, but here are the main points:

Too many distractions
Unnecessary elements
Too many calls to action
No people
No clear information on what the consumer gets
See attached image for more comments

Exemples de sites web
what we like: no distractions, clear benefit to the consumer, prominent call to action
what we like: eye catching, clear and enticing call to action
(note our page does not need an order form)…hlp1110609
what we like: clean, no distractions, eye catching, people prominently featured…em/g2.html
Clean, easy to ready, details are below the fold (note our page does not need an order form)

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