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We are Kristalytics, a marketing agency that helps our clients to answer these two questions on a daily basis: “Who are my BEST customers and prospects?” And, “How do I persuade them to buy again and again?”

We have developed a set of tools that we feel add a value to our existing services. This is going to make a large impact on the businesses we serve (for example: retail store, restaurants, non-profit organizations, and online businesses).

We are looking for a new website design.

The people searching for our services are located in the USA, and usually want to target people in the USA. They are usually between the ages of 25-49. They can be an entrepreneur or a marketing director, or a decision marker in a company.

About the tools we provide:

Database DNA:

This tool pinpoints customers IN your database who are most likely to be your biggest spenders. It also creates a profile for those OUTSIDE the database who look most like those big spenders so you can target them, too.

Target Market DNA:

This tool analyzes a geographic trade area (even if you do business exclusively online and your trade area is the entire country.) Target Market DNA tells you exactly where your most profitable customers are, even if it’s one mile east and seven miles west. Target Market DNA can pinpoint a single big spender hidden in a block group or zip code full of duds.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The result of using one of our tools or services is: exponentially decreasing your target market size while increasing the viability of the target market to spend; so that your advertising dollars are maximized.

Regarding a database of customers, we usually know the following :
1) number of purchases each customer makes,
2) recency of purchase,
3) dollar value of purchases

In a database, we are able to identify the “Whales-in-the-Haystack” and then also predict the customers who could become a Whale-in-the-Haystack even before they enter your database.

We are able to market to differently to a tire-kicker, a $50 customer, or a $500 customer.

For example, we can take a list of 100,000 disembodied email addresses and match them with street addresses up to a rate of 50% to identify the ones who are potential Whales-in-the-Haystack.

Possible Headlines:
Worry-Free, Measurable Marketing Solutions. Maximum Profits. Minimum Waste.
Zoom In On The People Who Are Most Likely to Become Your BEST Customers.
It’s Not About Your Product or Service, It’s About The PEOPLE BUYING Your Product or Service.
Kristalytics is Your World-Class, Done-For-You Demographics and Psychographics Targeting Expert

Desired Navigation:
The navigation items on the website would be: Home, About Kristalytics, Marketing Tools, Marketing Services, Free Database Analysis


Most of our competitors’ have typical stock photography of happy people or people looking at a computer screen.

Here are some examples of websites that we like, but please don’t copy graphics or text from them, just use them as a guide to understand what we like and don’t like: (This site looks professional, but gets boring fast) (This site is laid out well, but the font size is too small) (We like the graph/chart idea) (We like the creativity on this site, but we won’t use Flash on our website) (This site looks modern, and the headlines really stick out well, but I think the graphics are too low on the page)

On the homepage, we want your ideas for visually representing upward trends, like lower cost per acquisition, increased sales, higher level of geographic targeting, etc, maybe graphs and charts might help.

We would also like to see a logo at the top of the website instead of just having the words Kristalytics at the top. We also need to see an example subpage in your mockup. We would also like to see ideas for a set of logos for the tools (Database DNA and Target Market DNA) and a set for these services: Pay Per Click DNA, Email DNA, Direct Mail DNA, Site Select DNA

This contest will require hard work, but should be fun.

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