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I run a small incubator. We build innovative internet services and many of our ideas are FB apps. As far as the personality of this particular service, I want first and foremost to have it feel TRUSTWORTHY. IN addition to that, it should seem hip and fun, but not overly fun and kitschy. It should feel SUPER simple and VERY CLEAN. This means that the UX design is very important since there will be several ways to interact with the page.
FINAL part of requirements from below :(first part is under requirements, 2nd at bottom of target and last just below here sorry for the confusion):

- Finally, there should be a growing list below the main functional area which shows each match that the matchmaker has determined was a good one or above a 5 on a scale of 1-10 for example). That should have a thumbnail photo of each friend, each friend's name and the date/time at which the user declared them a match.

As per the design 'feel' I discuss above, this should all be very CLEAN and SIMPLE - meaning as few buttons as possible without making the UX confusing.

Please make sure you understand normal FB app design constraints. Basically FB apps have to be pretty limited in their look and feel and functionality to begin with.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The target audience is FB users from 18-50, men and women. I am not being more granular for specific reasons. However as per the above, I am looking for a design that feels TRUSTWORTHY and simple and clean without lots of noise and 'typical facebook distractions'.
I am finishing the Requirements section here since it's too long for below:

- Select whether he wants to match-up men/women, men/men or women/women
- Select whether he wants to set up single people, undefined (if they don't specify on FB) or Anyone.
- Have a random pair of his friends' FB photos be shown side -by -side for him to rate as a match or not
- Select ONE friend for the left side photo and have a random friend be shown on the other side
- 'PIN' any photo on either side if he wants to randomly rotate through friends on the other side
- Select TWO specific friends to match up
- He should be able to select specific friends for either side either by searching for a name using search box OR by popping up a window to see a list of his friends
- Skip any pair of friends and move to the next random pair when neither is 'PINNED'.


* A matchmaking app for FB that enables a FB user to very easily choose 2 friends and determine whether they would be a good match (set-up) or not. The interface should show 2 FB profile photos side-by-side with buttons (or a scale however you think would be best - be creative!) to determine whether or not they would be a good match (examples: thumbs-up, thumbs-down or Red light Yellow light Green light, or a scale from 1-10 with 1 being NO MATCH and 10 being MATCH!, etc.)

A KEY POINT here: *A 'match' with this app is a very loose sense of the word - meaning if there are 2 friends of mine that I think should meet each other because they MIGHT have at least some connection, that is why I will use this service (and of course if I think 2 people would be a great match and should date I will use this as well). Thus the wording that you as the designer uses will be important to the app. Be creative!

* The app will obviously have multiple views but the MatchMaking part of this app will all be on one page and that is what the contest is about. The matchmaker will need to be able to do all of the following on this page:

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