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Matthew1 avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Nom de l'entreprise

Shop At Artworks

Présentation is an e-commerce website where people can go to buy arts and crafts type gifts for various occasions such as birthdays, baby showers and more. We also specialize in seasonal gifts for the home and for many of the holidays. Our site has been in existence for years and now it's time for a face lift.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Core demographic = women aged 30 and up who are looking to buy gifts for friends and family members. Pleases make font size easy to read, color scheme geared to females and an appropriate text to background color contrast in mind while designing the site. Site navigation needs to be very intuitive and easy for less savvy web shoppers. That being said - we still want a modern web 2.0 style design.


Being an e-commerce website, pls focus around conversion. Provide multiple product search options to accommodate different preferences with content organized in a neat and clean manner. Make the shopping cart access very clear and accessible. Fixed 960 pixel canvas width

Color Palette and Style of the Website
- We would like the overall look to be classy while reflecting the fun and eclectic nature of the store's gifts. We are open to seeing a change in the color pallet.

- Existing logo attached but might not work well with some new designs. We are open to rotating the logo 90 degrees to the right and adjusting the font. Another approach: One thought….I wonder if the logo font could be changed to the fonts below which I’ve used on the store sign. The “ART” is in “jokerman” and the “works” is in “gigi”

Site Navigation - see attached sitemap
Please incorporate a top level drop down / and a left side set of text links specific to the respective clicked on top level category. Design with an eye to expansion.

Additional Site Features
- a search by keyword option
- Dropdown search box where they can choose main and sub-level categories
- Featured Items (approximately 3-6 products)
- Site Seals( & comodo SSL) and Credit Card Logos in the footer
- Find us on facebook in header
- clear breadcrumb trail (for all pages other than home page)

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

The contest is for the following 3 pages. NOTE: When submitting your designs we only need to see first 2 pages. Once we are close to selecting design we will have you add the 3rd page:

Home - this should have everything as discussed in the requirements above. Plus we would like to include the following:
- Shop By Category with NEW category images which you create and links to the 4 main top level categories. The category images up on the live site now are old and we don't like them much anymore. Pls be creative here.
- Featured Artist / News - pls include 2 news announcements (you can use lorem ipsum) and a headline small pic a paragraph of text
- About Shop At Artworks - includes small pic and paragraph of text with read more - leading to the about us page (photo we can use as place holder=…&language=
- Signup for our newsletter graphic
- Nice graphic for free shipping on orders of $50 or more

Main Level category Landing Page - this would include:
- Some SEO Optimized text about Specialty products
- Sub Category titles images and brief descriptions
NOTE: Should be clearly marked to click on a sub-category to continue
- Free Shipping promotion

A Product List View - this would include:
- The listing of products with picture, product name, price
- Sort By Dropdown and pagination

Site Web existant - you can use any content and images off of this site. If you feel like you need to use Latin text in spaces as placeholder feel free.

Exemples de sites web - this has a classy look to it and does a nice job of selecting images. and - they are a competitor so feel free to get ideas and inspiration from here but do not copy anything. - this is a manufacturer of one of our top selling product lines. You could use in the news as the featured artist.

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