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My site is already the product of two 99designs projects ! To finalize it I simply need to improve the sidebar. I mocked up everything in a powerpoint page that you will find linked to from the description section. Note that I may increase the guaranteed payout to motivate you during the process (check out past projects ! =) ).

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OK... I think my existing site on California poker looks great and that's thanks to the awesome designers from 99 designs. Check out my history to see past projects. I provide constant feedback and guarantee the prize. Back to the subject matter now:

I want the sidebar to stand out ! I think the overall tone of the site is rather dark and I would like the sidebar to "shine". Maybe have a blueish color emanate from the sides. Blueish 3d lighting effects similar to the white emanating from the sides of  my site. No solid colors, more granular/ transparency effects.

Why do you I want the sidebar to stand out ? This is where my site makes money ! You need to understand the purpose of the sidebar: generate clicks ! Make things look "gummy", sell the clicks ! That is the most important factor here. And have fun with it.

Concerning what should go into the sidebar, I have a very raw montage that you can find linked to underneath: I go over every element in detail afterwards.
- part 1 (note that the sidebar is longitudinal, I placed the second section on the side because of spacing issues).
- part 2 (note that part 2 appends part 1 for the same space reasons)I want to go through the steps in detail with you here : from top to bottom this is what is expected:

(note that "top" starts right underneath the search bar)

1/ I Have a little rectangular section. The idea here is to add an incentive to sell the click on the header chip where it says "play now". In this little section, there should be an arrow pointing to the chip with a similar color. To the left of the arrow, I want the words: 100% bonus . Note that the text is pretty much irrelevant, I'm just looking for the right font, background color, effects here. I will change this later. I think it would look cool if there were some poker chips in this section as well, as shown with the red circles.

2/ A picture of the Golden Gate Bridge ! Note that you can use istockphoto and I will refund you, there is no price limit by the way. Note that the blues of the picture should try to match the sidebar blue as best as possible.

3/ A little section where it says : " CA CASINO SPONSORS"

4/ As shown, 4 black squares with white text in the middle. The first three squares have text that says :" advertise here". I want the bottom right button to stand out, look clickable. Maybe make it blue. The text on that one should say : " become a sponsor"

5/ Basically this is the existing sidebar.  I just want the blue effects as I said previously. Also I want some American flags added as shown. Lastly, you need to change the buttons I had just before " CA / USA players start here" . I want something that users just want to click. Find whatever button you like from istockphoto and I will pay you back.

6/ the newsletter section (fun part !)

Replicate what is shown, although you will need to find a different girl pic. Find the most attractive girl possible. Note that the colors should be changed from the green it currently has, make sure it matches the blue and overall design.

That's it !

Note: since there is no real requirement on the strings of text used for titles etc.. Just provide the fonts used at the end of the project.


- A sidebar that looks awesome, web2.0, draws attention and lightens up the overall design
- Originality, creativity
- 3d lighting effects that come out from the sides of the sidebar, maybe have the light curve up on the sides and form a small 3d wrap.

Ne veut pas

- A sidebar that looks pasted. The sidebar will make or break or the design. I think the sidebar can improve the overall design with an eye catching color.
- Unattractive girls for the newsletter
- Pictures of penguins or Hannah Montana =)

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