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Xanthas avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Design for a top site website for online, browser based games. Read Complete Brief for more information.

Nom de la marque

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Accepted File Formats:
zip, rar, psd, esp, etc

Design Description

Design for a top site website for online, browser based games.

Design Requirements

Coding: None - I will be using a professional service to code the image.
Pages: 2 - Main & Content Template
Alignment: Would like to see all entries centered (horizontal) on the background.
Width: ~850px
Logo: Logo is provided as an attachment. PSD has a transparent background.
Main Border: I'd prefer to see no border or a very thin one. If a designer can come up with some good, however, I may change my mind on this. By no border, I mean if the design is 850px wide, pixel 1-850 are useable for content (no margin)
Columns: 2 or 3 - 1 column should be able to hold a 160px wide skyscraper advert
Background Color: This must be a darker color (000000, 222222, 292929, etc).
Fonts: Use crisp/clean fonts.
Text Size: ~12-14px
Text Color: Designers choice. However, I don't want to see a rainbow of colors on the design.
Graphics: Designers choice. I don't want a lot or large graphics. I know some designers are great at incorporating little icons...
Nav Bar Placement: I would prefer it to be a horizontal bar, aligned left or right. If you make a vertical one, it better be good.
Nav Bar Links/Images: Home Join Login Contact Advertise
Header Size: The header height should not be more than ~250px.
Header Adverts: There needs to be room for at least a 468x60 banner and a 468x15 text link.
Content Area: 1 column will contain adverts & specific site content. the useable area of that column should be 160px-180px wide. The other column will contain site content.
Footer Size: I don't want the footer area to be larger than 60px high. I need room for at least 3 rows of text.
Logo: Download the PSD HERE.

Design Examples: Designs I like. Some designs are CMS skins. Oh well. I still like them. - Popular top site - A little plain but I still like - I don't like the colors, but the design is along the lines of what I want. - Awesome design. Colors are cool, but I want a dark background. - Like the colors. - Like the colors/layout (dont like how the header area though) - Great content. Our website will have similar contet. - Great site. Great content. Great layout.

Design Delivery: Upon receipt of payment, I require:

- Delivery via compressed file (zip/rar) containing all work related to the design, via email and/or direct download.
- The winning entry to be delivered in PSD format with layers, styles, and other effects still in tact.
- All images associated with the winning design.
- All fonts associated with the winning design. (if non standard and free)
- All paid fonts associated with the winning design. (if applicable)

Things I Do Not Want To See:

- large fonts in images
- waste of space: there will be a significant amount of site content and/or adverts that could be placed in wasted space
- low quality designs

Things I Would Like To See:

- Creativity
- Good use of space
- i'll add to this when things come to mind

Note: Feel free to ask questions. If you want to do the design in sections, then submit, go for it.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to end this contest early, for whatever reasons. This includes declaring a winner early.

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