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Daily Hip Hop Video and Audio Site

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I'm looking for a news site to keep people updated with things going on in the urban/hip hop/community.

The only new content being added daily are new songs and videos.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Urban Males and Females Ages 18-35


Get creative with it, I have an idea.... Make it better.

Make the site easy enough for a retard to use, don't get overly complicated. Being user friendly is key.

Make it resemble layout/colorway

I'm looking for a news site to keep people updated with things going on in hip hop day by day.

The only new content being added daily are new songs and videos.

All I'm looking for is a simple home page to display the daily updates. Today and the past 5 days will be shown on the home page. I want things to look simple and easy to understand. And by simple... I mean really simple. Like but not quite as ugly and stupid looking.

If you want to implement a daily rating system for the audio/video or anything like that, make sure it's dumb easy to use. Everyything needs to be user friendly.

Content wise I'm looking for and combined.

9/5/10 UPDATES:

I've extended the auction, I like what I'm seeing but have a few more details to throw at you guys after seeing the mockups so far. Read carefully!

1. Header area:

Logo - Does not need to be huge, the more space we can save with the logo and navigation the better.

Social Icons - I like seeing them at the left of the website either underneath the logo or just beside it. Somewhere prominent. Twitter & "# People like this" facebook icons are great.

Rotator - A nicely sized 16:9 rotator is great, we don't need anything to the left or right of the rotator if it's sized well. If you can squeeze a "Featured Videos" to the right of it then that will work as well. Do what you think looks best.

2. Content Display Areas:

Video Thumbnails should be large, text descriptions are less important, 150 characters max and should not take up much space at all. Let's try to fit 8-10 video thumbnails on screen at one time.

Music Player: Artist Name - Song Title - Play/Pause Button, "Like/Share" Button

I'm liking the minimal style players that I'm seeing, with the Like/Share buttons. I'd like those to link to a twitter/facebook account on the final website, so style it with something friendly.

Most importantly, let's try to make good use of the space in the content areas. With more page space dedicated to videos than to music.

Ad Areas, Let's try to fit space for a 728x90 ad on the page, as well as a 300x250, somewhere near the top of the page.

That's it for now, we're getting close to the end of this auction, thanks to everyone who's submitted so far, looking forward to working with you guys.


Attached a rough outline with all of the page elements I want on the website. Get creative and improve on it, try to use everything seen in the outline.

At the bottom is a sticky javascript player that sticks to the bottom of the browser as you scroll up and down the website. Please incorporate that into designs.

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Home Page

Daily updates - Today, and past 5 days displayed on home page.

Daily New Video and Audio/Songs

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