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Creative Design needed for Exciting New Service Marketplace

YJD-Dave avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Voici comment YJD-Dave a commencé son expérience web page design

Nom de la marque

Présentation is a mobile marketplace for getting physical jobs done fast.
Whether it's help in the garden, buying and delivering more beer to a party, or a carpet-cleaner on Sunday morning to recover the situation before your partner gets back.
We bring instant gratification to services with a competitive and responsive SMS driven marketplace.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our target audience is mass-market. We are a consumer facing service.
Our user is the quintessential mainstream web consumer.
Our users, both of whom will see this page, are divided into two categories
1. Upwardly mobile, money-rich time-poor professionals trying to get their little jobs done, and maybe seeking some novelty
2. Low to medium skilled people who work with their hands, time-rich money-poor, seeking some jobs for extra cash
We need to appeal to both.


We need a cool new landing page that gives confidence, a good feeling, and retains and converts users.

The look and feel we want is: Happy, bright, clean
Think (note clean soft vector look) (note 3-step flow representation)

All of the content in our dev page needs to be expressed in some form.

We also have a tabbed navigation in logged-in view, the location of those tabs should preferably be the same as exists. Colour, style and configuration are all open to change.

Areas for your creative vision

General layout, composition, colours, representation of content/ ideas (e.g. graphics instead of text), look and feel

We want to get that clean, smooth web 2.0 feel. Think vector graphics, subtle gradients, consistent and appealing.

It would be convenient for us if we could retain out current logo and colours, but if you can’t work with it feel free to change the colours or even the logo itself (like shadows/ lighting/ reflections or more fundamental). We will supply a PNG.

We want it to fit a standard IE8 frame with one additional tool-bar on a 1024 x 768 screen.


1. PSD file
2. Mock up JPGs of how it should look once we apply your styling/ formatting to the text, fields and widgets we have.
3. We also would like deployment JPGs sliced (max quality in deployment resolution), with
3.1. all tabs shown and unselected
3.2. all tabs shown and selected
3.3. with no tabs shown
4. A copy of any icon packs used

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

*The “post a job form” is the heart of our offering. We need to retain the outcome of each of the existing fields and widgets. However, different layouts, widgets, fields (types/ formats) or behaviours will be adopted as per your recommendations

Mockup your changes to the form-
• What should fields look like (shaded regions?, borders?, colours? Etc)
• Colour system for indicating widget states of neutral, good and bad (e.g. margin colours, shade colours)
• Icons to replace text or complement

*The benefit we provide to our demand-side users
People who want jobs done are the life-blood of our existence. So we need them to know how we help them. We try to express this through the 3-step process shown in our dev page-

1. Post your job
2. we’ll get offers on it by SMS,
3. your job gets done really fast.
We want you to find a way to express this simply. It could include retaining our copy, it could be replacing all or some of it with graphics conveying the same benefit.
An option may be to retain the 1,2,3 type approach on our old live site

*A video providing demand-side information - our preference is to embed this as a youtube video

*a link to more information for demand side users

*a panel or region of supply-side links and tools- i.e. "Join to do jobs" etc as shown on dev site

*tabs for our navigation framework

Site Web existant
This contains all the content (or placeholders) for the functional content of our new page. The location of stuff is open to your suggestions.
You can see the logged-in view by logging in with
note: all content on that site is obsolete- particularly the benefit flow. The colour is saturated, it is too cluttered and sooo web 1.0. Just nasty.

Exemples de sites web (like: nice clean use of background vector art) (like: subtle use of shading, 3-step process illustration) (like: tab design flowing into form)

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